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MonteVerde Artista Crystal – Hand Written Review

I have been wanting to do this for some time so please bear with me. I will be importing all my old reviews into this blog so some info will not be new to some. I will start off with the review of the Monteverde Artista Crystal as posted to FPN and FPGeeks forums.

First off, I want to apologize. I thought I had taken photos of the pen already and it turned out I did not.  I am trying a different camera setup so I am not totally comfortable with it yet. I messed up the focus on the nib shot but I lost my light for today. I’ll try again tomorrow. This also means that Darth will not be in the pictures.  That is my office setup and this is my home setup.  Darth is at the office and I won’t be in the office until Tuesday. 😀

Artista Crystal1

Artista Crystal2

Artista Crystal3

Monteverde Artista Crystal

Monteverde Artista Crystal

Monteverde Artista Crystal



God and family. Stationery. Ink. Fountain pens. Electronic gizmos. I adjust and grind my own fountain pen nibs. Ubuntu Linux user since 06.10. Minidisc fan. Audio enthusiast. Contact me on Twitter: @inktronics or email: ivan at inktronicsblog dot com

One thought on “MonteVerde Artista Crystal – Hand Written Review

  1. Hey there! I ordered this pen also, mine from Goulet for $36. (Of course with Goulet you have to factor in the shipping cost which is not negligible). I took it out of its nice box and held it in my writing hand for about 3 seconds. That was all it took to know that this pen was going back to Virginnie. I have very dry hands and smooth metallic grip sections and I do not get along at all. I had done due diligence in my homework on this and both Brian and Stephen Brown addressed the grip issue and found it to be not a problem. Well not for THEM! I learned to listen to my own experience. I had the same problem with a Parker Vector. So for those of you that suffer from the same condition as I, beware!

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