RayMay Style Valley Leatherette Pencil Case – As posted on FPN

RayMay Style Valley Leatherette Pencil Case

A big thank you to Lily over at JetPens.com who so graciously provided this review sample.

The Review: A pencil case? Really? Sacrilege you say? Just give me a chance to explain. Now, as a fountain pen user, I don’t normally use a pencil case. I do own pencils but I decided to use this with some of my fountain pens I don’t mind being in the same compartment together. Normally I would use a pen case that allows the pens to individually slip into elastic bands and not touch each other while being transported. A lot of fountain pen enthusiasts will agree that this is the only way to transport larger quantities of fountain pens (more than 4). I will admit that before I started using fountain pens on a regular basis, I used to throw all my pens in a single pouch like case. Specifically, I would use the Kaddy case which does not seem to be carried by JetPens any longer. I decided that some of my fountain pens don’t really need that much pampering and used them with this case.

The case is light brown in color and is leather. It has a very pleasant leather smell. The zipper is brass and has a leather zipper pull that is riveted closed. The zipper has fine teeth and operates very smoothly. Because of the leather pull, I can’t tell if the zipper is of the YKK variety. It does feel like a good quality zipper. Embossed on one side are the words “Style valley”. The inside of the case is the raw leather side. It feels a little like rough suede but I don’t feel it can scratch pens.

I was able to fit 5 pens in the case without problems. This includes a Lamy Vista, Zebra V-301, Schrade Tactical Fountain Pen, Guanleming 2001 and a Guanleming 193. I don’t think I could fit any more in the case without straining the zipper.

The case runs $16.50 at JetPens.com and also comes in black. I like the case but will only carry pens I feel I can stand getting scratched from rubbing together inside. After a week of EDC, it looks like my pens have not suffered any scratches so far. The case looks classy and I would not hesitate taking it into a business meeting. Overall, I like the case and I feel the price is fair for a leather case. Pros It is leather Well constructed The smell! Classy design Cons No way to keep pens from rubbing together and the pictures…

RayMay Style Valley Case RayMay Style Valley Case RayMay Style Valley Case RayMay Style Valley Case

3 thoughts on “RayMay Style Valley Leatherette Pencil Case – As posted on FPN

  1. As I am reading your review, I feel that I now have a target on my back for other fountain pen purists 😉 I do carry fountain pens in a pencil case, but separate from my other pens and ruler. Of course, only pens that can withstand some beating, or if there is a slight scratch on it, I won’t cry my eyes out. So far so good in my experience. After all, you suppose to show your love to a fountain pen by using it, and not by showcasing it. 🙂

  2. I hear ya. I am just OCD about not having them touch. I use my pens but they look like they have not been used because I’m careful with them. It is pretty much the same with all my stuff. Headphones are a good example. I just gave a set about two months ago to my cousin. He asked me how often I used them. Every day almost, was my reply, He did not believe me. 🙂

  3. I do not blame you and there is nothing wrong with it! I try my earnest not to carry too many fountain pens with me, because it is just silly to carry 10+ when realistically, I can only use one at the time. So I have been designating a pen to be the "pen of the day" or of the week, depending on how quickly I want to flush 🙂

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