Doane Paper Grid+Lines Wirebound Notebook

*Note: This is a repost of my review as originally posted to FPN. This was also before I had the italic nibs and stubs that I have now. There is some minor bleed with those pens but overal it is managable. I know some people do not like any bleed so I though I would mention that.


This is a paper I have been using before I got into fountain pens for a second time. It always worked well with regular ballpoint and gel pens. The smaller notebooks are very pocketable (slightly smaller than CTF’s Hitlist Notebook). I generally use the 5”x7” pads for work. They are big enough for a lot of information but small enough to be portable. The one thing I do not like of the pad paper is the fact that the back side is not imprinted with the famous grid+lines patern. When I started to use fountaain pens, this was less of an issue because of the slight bleeding of ink. I still use the back of the page for less critical info. 

For those not familiar with grid+lines, it is a creation by Chad Doane. He had a “revelation” while in a meeting. Some people were using grid paper and others lined paper. He thought how great paper would be if the two were merged. Grid+lines was born.

Enter the wirebound version of this paper. I had the notebook for a while but had not used but one page for a quick pencil sketch when I first got it. It went back on the shelf for quite a while until I ran out of the pads. I brought the notebook out and the first thing I noticed was the grid+lines inprint on both sides of the page. It make’s obvious sense. The rather rustic looking chipboard cover looks like it could take quite a beating if stored in a bag for transport.

Fountain Pen Test

I thought I knew how this paper handled fountain pen ink but it turns out that there is a difference. There are no specs on the paper weights used in doane paper notebooks. There is an obvious weight difference in the paper used in this notebook as compared to the paper in the small portable notebooks. The fountain pen ink tests proove this. There was almost no bleed even with a M nib and very minor feathering. The one ink that did feather very bad was Noodler’s Midway Blue in my Parker Duofold Junior. Noodler’s Air Corp Blue Black in my Sensa Meridian (F nib) seems to behave the best but Diamine Asa Blue, Noodler’s Blue and Kaweco Blue are so close to it in performance that it is hard to tell which one takes second place.

Overall, this is a notebook that will be portable enough to carry around and take fountain pen ink very well. There is virtually no bleed through on any ink I used. If you look at the back of the page scan, I used my wettest pen and it does not show through to the front of the page.


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