Lamy Accent Hand Written Review

4 thoughts on “Lamy Accent Hand Written Review

  1. I’m not sure if the whole Accent range is being discontinued (maybe in USA?) just certain models. Your pen has the very attractive matt black body with the silver section.Evidently you can get different sections possibly from Lamy or a large retailer.The unscrewing mechanism for refilling takes a bit of getting used to as does the 1/2 turn rotation to take the cap off.Thanks for reviewing one of the less well known Lamy pens.Your Lamy blue cartridge has a very purple tone.

  2. Bogon, Thank you. I am not sure on the status of the Accent in the States but this one is definitely being discontinued, according to the retailer. The cap 1/2 turn did surprise me and I forgot to mention it.

    1. They are nice. That was actually my first choice but the listing was wrong. I thought I was going to get one for less than $70 but it did not turn out that way. So, I ended up with this one. 🙂 As for responsibility of your wallet, well, ummmm… I guess? :p

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