Palomino Luxury Notebook Series Review – Hand Written

Palomino Small Luxury Hardcover Notebook – Ruled

Palomino Small Luxury Hardcover Notebook – Plain

Just a note on the test page scan. The smudging was my fault. I put my finger on the Conway Stewart entry and did not know it. The CS 226 is VERY wet and I am surprised it did not blead. The ink stayed wet for at least 10 minutes. I also had a lapse in the Serwex entry. So much for writing a review and trying to help my daughter with her math homework at the same time. :p


Palomino Luxury Notebook Series 1

Palomino Luxury Notebook Series 2

2 thoughts on “Palomino Luxury Notebook Series Review – Hand Written

  1. Another great review. That Omas Blue is a luxurious royal blue/purple colour.I’ve a packet of the Palomino blank cahiers and have been impressed with their paper quality and been interested in their Notebooks which are priced a bit higher here in Oz about $25 compared to $18-$23 for the Rhodias & Lecturms(?) that size and similar to some Moleskines $25-$30. Unfortunately they are hard to fully inspect before buying at Kinokuniya due to all the plastic and sticky they smother items in the Japanese Stationary section (yes everything except M & L notebooks is there).The design look of the notebook is rather appealling. Looks like I’m going to be following after the darkside and trying one of these out in the near future.

  2. Thank you Bogon. The scan of Omas blue is not a very good one. definitely more blue than purple than what the scan makes it out to look. For the price you guys pay in Oz, I think I would stick with Rhodia. They are definitely better than Leuchturm(sp?) and run circles around Moleskine. I do like the design.

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