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Welcome to the new home of Inktronics

I am still working out some issues with the blog but I had to do this now. I have several written reviews to post but have to figure out a new system. All the old blog posts are here. If you click on the picture of the hand written review it will be readable and not cutoff. Something to do with a bug in the Posterous importer here on WordPress. I still have to redo my review page index and blogroll list.

Once again, thank you for reading and for your patience while I get accustomed to the new platform. 🙂

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Moving the blog soon

Update Note: Posts older than this one were originally created on Posterous. Posterous has since closed. WordPress does not like some of the Posterous formatting and I am working to get that corrected as I see the errors. Most of it is images that do not size correctly.  Thank you.

Just a quick note on the status of my blog. Posterous will be closing on April 30th. I am actively looking for a new blogging platform to get everything moved over before that date. A lot of things are broken here. The search does not work anymore and I can no longer post/reply via twitter in the comments section. I will post the new URL soon.

You can reach me on my twitter account, @inktronics and via email at Thank you for reading.