Nussbaum Pen Co. – New Line of Pens

I was browsing the web today and decided to see what had new. Maybe I missed it before but it looks like Todd has introduced the Nussbaum Pen Co. line. I really like the JR or Jon Ross Series in Tanzanite. A very reasonable $45 USD and includes a leather pen slip case too? Awesome! There is a downside. You only have one nib choice, Medium. I can’t tell from the pictures but it looks like it may be a JoWo nib.

The other model is the Phoenix and the Cracked Ice is a looker. It reminds me of an Esterbrook. It also sports the Nussbaum name. I really like the way it looks just above the three cap bands. This one comes in a double pen case.

Nussbaum Pen Co. 

The description of the “JR” from


The Jon Ross Model or “Jr” Model is named after our oldest son featuring all chrome accents and clip.  This comes in 2 beautiful resins colors that are rather difficult to show the depth and beauty of the colors in Tanzanite & Black Cherry.The pen is considered a full sized pen on a little smaller scale.  Posted measures a full 6” Long and with no cap around 4 3/4”.  It’s a very nice light medium weight posted.   Made to last a very long time the cap is threaded or twist off with a little less than 1/2 a turn.  The cap has 2 cap rings with one engraved with Logo and name Nussbaum Pen Co.  The cap is also adorned with a plain chrome top hat. The pen comes with a Medium point Iridium point nib that lays down a nice wet smooth line. The pen comes with a twist type Schmidt converter and can use International Mont Blanc style cartridges or other brands like Diamine, Pelikan or Private Reserve.

The Nussbaum’s do not believe in wasting materials such as boxes that end in the trash.  So, in it’s place for packaging will be a leather pen slip that can be used to protect the pen and enjoy for many years.

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