Hero 383 Fountain Pen Review

I have been gathering reviews I have scattered throughout forums and placing them here. I came upon this post that had not made it to the blog yet. Thanks again for reading.

While browsing eBay back in October 2011, I came across this Hero 383. It was from seller yespen whose name I had seen on this forum as a reliable seller of Hero pens. The pen grabbed my attention because of it’s elegant lines. It looked so out of place when compared to your typical Chinese fountain pen offerings.

I read up on the dimensions and visually compared it to my desk ruler. Hmmm, a little on the short side but I have smaller. I wish I would have taken down the weight info since I don’t have a scale. The pen is 130mm capped, 113mm without a cap and 157mm posted. It is about 13mm in diameter at its widest point and 10mm at its narrow point. The barrel is black enameled brass. The cap and section are chromed. The “jewel” is black. The nib is a little on the small side and measures 19mm from nib point to the base of the section. It is also 6mm wide at the shoulders. It is marked “HERO 22K GP” but no other markings as to nib point size.

This pen writes wet but is a fine line. Flow is very good and the tines were aligned out of the box. I did note that there was some drag when writing even on Rhodia paper. Closer inspection showed that the nib had a little bit of oxidation on it. I ran it a few times on the finest grit of my buff sticks and noted a nice shine afterward. It writes perfectly smooth without being a skating maniac.

The converter is a Parker slide style converter that I know has a bad reputation around here. I have not found any issues with it as of yet. The only thing that might bother some people is the smallish capacity.

I paid $17.90 for the pen with free shipping. As I understand it, this was new old stock of a discontinued model. I have been looking on eBay for more but have not seen any as of yet. I also searched FPN for this model and did not come up with anything other than my own posts about it. Google similarly returned no results.

EDIT: It looks like yespen has some more in stock. They list the nib as medium. My pen is no where near a western medium. (Usual no affiliation disclaimer applies)

I find the pen a very good value for the price. Its understated elegance is something I admire about it. I enjoy using it as a daily writer at work very much. All that is left is the pictures. I hope nobody minds that I am linking to the set. 🙂

Hero 383 Fountain Pen


4 thoughts on “Hero 383 Fountain Pen Review

  1. That’s a nice looking pen. I was surprised to see it next to the Jinhao nib… I have no idea why. I just picture it bigger, despite you saying it was small! I have never tried Hero pens before, I don’t think. I must look through my stash (yes, sadly, I have pens I haven’t even inked yet… don’t judge me!).

    1. Thank you Azizah. It is small but not that small that it is uncomfortable. No judging from me. 🙂 I have the same issue. I just refuse to have more than 12 inked pens at a time.

      1. I just bought the Hero 383 and the Hero 704 on ebay. My first fountains. Thanks for the review. Got any advice for a novice in the areas of care and ink?

      2. You will read about pen hygiene. Some think it’s not a big deal. I subscribe to the notion that you should clean your pens between refilling. Some inks can stain pens. Be careful with Noodler’s Baystate Blue. It can permanently stain some materials.

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