Eccolo World Traveler Lined Journal

Brown Embossed Carpe Diem Leather Journal – Lined

Eccolo Journal

First of all, I would like to thank Eccolo for providing this review sample journal. Specifically, I would like to thank Ralph for contacting me about this.

This is not the first time I review an Eccolo journal. The last time was in 2011. Today, we have the “Carpe Diem” journal which is part of the Essentials line of journals. The journal is 5″ x 7 ” with 256 pages of lined paper. The paper is acid free and a cream color. There are 19 lines spaced roughly 8 mm apart and there is about a 14 mm header and footer. The pages are stitched and bound together with what Eccolo calls faux Italian leather. It reminds me of the Rhodia Webbie cover material. The cover is very soft to the touch and is also flexible. It is embossed with the words “Carpe Diem” on the front cover.

Eccolo Journal

This has the same paper as the previous journal I reviewed. Back then, I guessed the paper to be 64 gr. Ralph told me that my guess was close. In actuality, the paper is 80 gsm. He stated that there can be up to a 7% variation in weight so, paper can range from 75-85 gsm. The thickness is about 100 microns.

Eccolo Journal Review

There is no gusset/pocket in the back cover. Ralph explained that Eccolo wants the customer to experience the “flexi” cover and having a pocket interferes with this. Fair enough. I have found that I do not use the pocket on other notebooks as often as I thought I would but some may miss it.

Ecollo Journal

How does it handle ink? Well, it seems to be very much like Moleskine in this respect. Pencil, gel pens, and ballpoint pens will do fine with this paper. Fountain pens, not so much. You will have to use a dry ink and a fine nib so your writing does not bleed through the page. The medium Asian nib on my Platinum Glamour with an unknown blue ink cartridge did fine with this paper  If you like wider nibs and wet ink, you may want to use blotting paper behind the page you are writing on. Be prepared for the backside of the page to be unusable, so beware.

Eccolo Journal

Taking care in your pen/ink combo choices, the journal is very usable. I like the cover and the slightly larger paper is also nice when comparing to a pocket sized notebook. The cover should last even with the rigors of every day use and carry.

Once again, thank you to Eccolo for providing this review sample and thank you for reading.


The Fountain Pen Sith Lord.

3 thoughts on “Eccolo World Traveler Lined Journal

  1. Interesting.. I’ve never seen these before.. even if it performs similarly to Moleskine – it’s much prettier hehe. Thanks for the review! I especially like the last picture. Yummy close up of ink on paper!

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