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Organics Studio Foggy Bottom Yellow Sepia

This is not a review. It is more of a first impression photo.




God and family. Stationery. Ink. Fountain pens. Electronic gizmos. I adjust and grind my own fountain pen nibs. Ubuntu Linux user since 06.10. Minidisc fan. Audio enthusiast. Contact me on Twitter: @inktronics or email: ivan at inktronicsblog dot com

5 thoughts on “Organics Studio Foggy Bottom Yellow Sepia

  1. Thanks for this one! Foggy Bottom is my old neighborhood in DC– so I’ve been thinking of getting it. Looks quite nice!
    BTW, about Mexican Coke, do you watch ‘Psych’? Funny bit about that a few weeks ago- in No Country for Two Old Men. They decided it’s the quality of the sugar.

    And of course want to wish you Happy 5/4/13: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!

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