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Star Wars Pen Wrap

Those on my social media feeds may have already seen this but I felt it needed a post on the blog. My wife likes to sew and she came across some material that she thought I might like. After looking at a pen wrap I have, she came up with this. 🙂 After all, a Fountain Pen Sith Lord needs to store his pens in style. 😀

My wife is making something out of this fabric.
The Star Wars Pen Wrap.



God and family. Stationery. Ink. Fountain pens. Electronic gizmos. I adjust and grind my own fountain pen nibs. Ubuntu Linux user since 06.10. Minidisc fan. Audio enthusiast. Contact me on Twitter: @inktronics or email: ivan at inktronicsblog dot com

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Pen Wrap

  1. Ivan, I think this is great! I saw it on Instagram and was in awe. Give your wife a pat on the back. 😉 Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Please also pass on my praises to Mrs Fountain Pen Sith Lord for her handy work.
    Those pens look very comfy and secure in there.

    Perhaps she could consider a cover for some of your notebooks in that fabric.

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