WA-IR-NR Fountain Pen Review (Wancher Naranja)

Wancher Naranja Fountain Pen

Today’s review pen came to me by way of eBay. Several bid attempts ended with someone else winning the bid by just a few dollars in the wee hours of the morning. The seller is in Japan, hence the early morning auction end times. The pen comes in three versions. Orange (the one I purchased), Chestnut (a dark brown swirl acrylic), and a white marble version. The orange version jumped out at me because it uses the same acrylic I have seen used in some production line Edison pens. (see Edison Collier in Persimmon Swirl)  The black and gold colored accents invoke a Delta-esque aura that cannot be mistaken.

The pen has a rather large diameter. I don’t have a way of measuring it accurately but I estimate it at about 1/2 inch or about 14 mm. Lengthwise (uncapped) it is about 5 inches (128 mm) long from the nib to the end of the barrel. The cap is not postable at all. It will slip over the end of the barrel but does not stay on securely.

The pen is cartridge converter fill with no real way to turn it into an eyedropper. There are metal threads that would be in contact with ink if you attempt the conversion.

The nib is a two tone steel nib. Out of the box, it feels a bit rough. It has a flower logo that some who buy Chinese pens will recognize. It also has the words “Iridium Point Germany” on the nib.  There is no indication of nib size but I would rate it a extra fine leaning fine nib. The feed has a #4 on it. I believe the nib is friction fit but I have not verified this yet. The cap band is an intricate design and the clip is tight but springy.

Wancher Naranja Nib

The nib will need some work. As mentioned before it is a bit rough and needs a bit of flow adjustment. You can see the bib slit is very close towards the tip which is hampering flow.

I do not like the metal thread insert. This ring has the threads for the cap and the section. This unfortunately means that metal threads screw into plastic threads of the cap. I am extra careful so as not to damage the plastic threads by accidentally cross threading them. The cap does not have an inner cap. This can dry out the nib somewhat if several days have passed of non use. (See the writing sample title for an example). If you use the pen every day, it does not dry out.

Wancher Naranja Fountain Pen

For the price I paid, the pen is a good deal ($25.00 USD). Unfrtunately, since my eBay auction win, the pen has been fetching much higher prices. I regularly see it for over $40.00 USD now. At that price, I would hold off. You can get a Lamy Al-Star in that price range. For a pen that is a fun attention getter, it is nice. If you are okay with possibly having to work on the nib or even replacing the nib alltogether, that may be a better option. An Edison two tone steel #6 nib looks like it could possibly fit. It would be a good match for this pen.

Wancher Naranja Fountain Pen

If you can get this pen for a god price, I would get it. Just be patient and hit those eBay auctions. 🙂

Thank you for reading,


The Fountain Pen Sith Lord.

Written Draft of Review:

Wancher Naranja 1

Wancher Naranja 2

Wancher Naranja 3

12 thoughts on “WA-IR-NR Fountain Pen Review (Wancher Naranja)

  1. Nice looking pen for the price, it certainly looks much more expensive than the price you paid for it.
    The clip is slightly reminescent of the older Visconti clips too. There appears to be a nice bit of line variation iwith the nib. The acrylic reminds me of that used in some of the Monteverde Prima pens as well.

    Once again thanks for an educational and informative review and great photos.

    1. You know, I am just now making the connection to who you are. I am embarrassed I had not made the connection sooner. I think we are pen pals too?

      1. Alejandro, I was busy last night prepping for an interview today. I did not get a chance to check that pen/nib combo out. I will get it tonight. Apologies for the delay.

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