“A Pen Bestiary” by Leigh Reyes

It was some time earlier this year, I logged into twitter and the first post I saw was one by Leigh Reyes. If you have spent any significant amount of time researching fountain pens, and more importantly Nakaya fountain pens, you may have found her blog already, My Life As a Verb. If you have not run into her blog, I highly suggest you visit, you will not regret it!

I do not remember the exact wording but in Leigh’s twitter post, she was asking who would want a Moleskine Postal Notebook  possibly filled with something special. I had no idea how long the post had been up but I immediately replied that it would be an honor to get something like that from her.  Some time later I received this notebook. I asked her permission to post it here.

Thanks again to Leigh Reyes for sending me this great notebook!






6 thoughts on ““A Pen Bestiary” by Leigh Reyes

  1. Wow, what a treasure, congratulations! Leigh is amazing. The Fabulous Beasts of Writing found a good home with you! (Do I remember correctly, that you also host mythic creatures from Down Under courtesy of Bogon07? Obviously word’s getting around that your blog is a cool hangout. 😉

    1. Thank you for your kind words. 😀 I feel blessed to have postal notebooks from both Bogon07 and Leigh. Bogon and I actually go back a few years before either of us found fountain pens. We are also into minidisc audio equipment and met online that way.

  2. That is one beautiful notebook! You are truly lucky to receive such a beautiful piece in the mail. Thankfully USPS did not confiscate it because of its beauty! 😉

  3. That looks positively pentabulous. Leigh Reyes does some amazing work. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

    “mythic creatures from Down Under” …. now that has some potential that needs exploring.

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