Adventures in Nib Salvage – Platinum Glamour

It was a few months ago that I came across a Platinum pen that grabbed my attention. Not knowing what the model was, I took to Google searches with only a picture to go on. I eventually came up with a model name. Glamour. A short, fat fountain pen that resembled the ribbed Platinum 3776. Armed with this information I set out to find one for sale.

I hit eBay first. My search terms did not yield anything but doing an advanced search told me they had been sold in the past. I set my eBay search to notify me when one was listed. Then I waited. A few weeks later, I had my very own Platinum Glamour. The glamour wore off when I examined the nib. I did not have a loupe with me but I could tell something was not right with the nib. I inked it anyway. It did work after a lot of coaxing but ink flow would stop if I let the pen sit for a few minutes. I tried priming the feed by squeezing the ink cartridge a few times. It would work for a bit then ink flow would stop again. When I was able to look at the nib under magnification, I confirmed what I feared. It looked like someone was trying to make the nib wetter and used a sharp object to pry the nib tines apart. This ended up chipping the inner right tine which hampered ink flow.
The next nib grind. Platinum Glamour that has a chip on the right tine.
The Platinum Glamour has a damaged nib. :(

At this point it was either find another nib or try and fix this one. I did find another pen eventually. It was in much better shape too. What to do about this pen. I could just try to sell it as-is and most likely at a loss. Before this, I had been experimenting with a rotary tool to speed up nib grinds. Next thing I know, I was grinding away at a furious pace. A few minutes later, I had myself a Platinum Glamour with an italic nib. 😀

Platinum Glamour with the chipped slit now fully operational with a ~1.2-1.5 mm stub. Freshly ground nib. Writing sample to follow

An otherwise worthless nib was given new life. 😀 I am not sure how wide of an italic I have now but it writes very smooth. Thank you for reading.
Platinum Glamour "stubification" writing sample. I modificatified it. :p

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Nib Salvage – Platinum Glamour

  1. Ouch! Specifically, that first nib picture hurts to look at it! I have no idea what those pens cost, but I am sure you could have gotten a refund on it. Regardless, cool job on stubbing. That’s a serious broad stub – very nice.

  2. Hello, Im very much interested in this pen please let me know how i can go about purchasing this pen

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