Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen, Bold Nib Lamy 2000 Bold Nib Test ink is Pilot Iroshizuku, Kon-Peki. There are many reviews of this pen, as well there should be. A design as timeless as this deserves to be scrutinized. I found my example and purchased with my own money a broad nib example via for […]

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Ducati Leather Pen Case

Ducati Leather Luxury Pen and Eyeglass Case DU-LG-GH-OR While browsing fountain pens online, I ran into a leather pen case that peaked my interest. I don’t generally go for branding but this pen case happens to have Ducati branding on it. It is small so I decided it was alright. I have looked at three pen […]

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Failure is Eminent

Thinking back on my first pen repair attempt and looking at the past couple of repair posts, I decided I should not paint such a rosy picture. There is a certain risk involved in repairing old pens. They are old after all. Materials can become brittle with time. My first pen repair was attempt was […]

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