Failure is Eminent

Thinking back on my first pen repair attempt and looking at the past couple of repair posts, I decided I should not paint such a rosy picture. There is a certain risk involved in repairing old pens. They are old after all. Materials can become brittle with time.

My first pen repair was attempt was on a Waterman Taperite. I should have researched the pen a bit more before buying. Later on, I found out that the Taperite has a high failure rate even among expert repairers. The combination of brittle plastic with an adhesive that does not respond well to heat makes for a recipe full of fail.

I did fail after days of soaking and gentle heat. Trying to exert just a little bit more force to make the barrel give up the section I crushed the lever box area of the barrel. There ended my adventure. I did not pay much for the pen (less than $10 USD, if I remember correctly). It was a relatively inexpensive lesson but a valuable one at the same time.

Waterman Crusader fail.


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