An eBay Fountain Pen Find

I saw this BCHR (Black Chased Hard Rubber) ringtop pen and could not resist the price. It arrived yesterday. It is a smallish pen. The red cap finial is a transparent plastic or celluloid? The only thing is that it wreaks of cigarette smoke. I went through and wiped it down with water and cotton swabs, trying to keep the water to a minimum. I went through 4 swabs before they started to come clean. There is still a lot of smoke residue on the back side of the lever that I need to work on. I took it apart. No sac in it. There are some remains of the old ossified sac still stuck to the section nipple that I will have to scrape off. The lever assembly and sac press bar (is that what it’s called?) are in good shape.

Cleaning this pen has been the worst and not something I was expecting. I do not smoke and this was just nasty. I had soot all over my hands and it took several hand washing’s to get rid of the smell. Being hard rubber makes it tricky since I do not want to soak it. You don’t really want to soak ebonite/hard rubber pens as water can make the ebonite swell and deform.

I have no idea what this pen is. There are no major identifying engravings. The nib says “Signature 4 Made in USA” and is steel. It seems like it may be semi flex. At least the tines spread easily with minimum pressure. The feed surprised me as the ink grooves run very deep. I thought it was ebonite but on close inspection it may be plastic, which seems odd. There is a “2” on the back end of the barrel. The chasing is very crisp which makes it odd that the area where there should be a manufacturer name is worn enough that it seems like there was never any type of engraving. I suspect it’s third tear in nature. I will have to order a #16 sac based off my measurements of the section nipple.

Overall I think this is going to be a fun pen to use once it is working.

If you have any information on this pen, your comments are welcome.

This is the eBay photo.



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