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Author, Joe Craig Talks About Notebooks

While checking out my YouTube subscriptions for new videos, I came across this video by author, Joe Craig. I don’t pretend to know who he is but I do think he might be a FPN member just from reading his Wikipedia entry. This is just a guess based on some posts I remember from a while back. Again, I have no proof of this. He does own at least a couple of fountain pens.

Anyway, Mr. Craig felt compelled to post this video talking about notebooks. More specifically, Moleskine v Leuchtturm1917. It is interesting to learn the opinion of someone who uses notebooks more or less on a professional basis. Don’t mind the fact that the vid is a year old. 🙂



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7 thoughts on “Author, Joe Craig Talks About Notebooks

  1. Hey. Thanks for blogging about my video. I didn’t realise so many people would be interested in my opinion on notebooks. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have rambled quite so much!

  2. Hey Ivan, did you notice that board he had in the background? I think that’s a “kanban” board. Interesting! This was a really good video, thanks for sharing. I just bought the 1917 based on his recommendation for the reason’s Mr. Craig sited and he’s right-on in his comparison. Thanks again!

    1. Here is Mr. Craig’s reply on the board behind him. “@joecraiguk: @inktronics good q. It’s a storyboard to map out a script or book. Each card is a scene. It’s how I work out the plot! Common for writers.”

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