Getting My Groove On – No Dancing Involved

Is it bad that I carry enough pens while traveling to fill a @mrmikedudek Groove?

Shortly after this post, Mr. Dudek posted a contest on Instagram for a Display. It closes on December 8 so go check it out!

Every once in a while the gears that control the universe mesh in such a fashion that they hum sweetly in the background complimenting your life’s soundtrack. Such an event happened recently. I was able to meet Mike Dudek of with help from Dan Bishop, KarasKustoms pen designer. Well, not just pen designer, but that is material for another post soon!

It was great to meet other pen people in person. I must say that it does not happen often for me. The experience was refreshing. Something I was not expecting was the gift of Groove. The Groove is the brainchild of Mr. Dudek. I must say, the Groove is such a simple pen holder design it is genius. The design reminds me of the simple lines of a Lamy 2000. There is nothing flashy about it. It does not need flash. It simply says, “I am here.” A block of walnut to hold 9 pens and a groove to hold small notebooks. Mr Dudek made my particular Groove with three larger holes in the center row. The holes are either 1/2″ or 5/8″.  This fits my larger Diameter pens just fine. I have not had a chance to try a Jinhao 159 in there but I don’t think it will work. I did not think to try it before writing this but I will report my findings latter. It is not a big loss in my eyes. The groove on the side holds my leather notebook cover just fine or a thicker notebook if you like. A group of three smaller notebooks (ie Field Notes) fit nicely also just not at the same time as my leather bound notebook. Some may cringe at possible scratches on their pens from placing them in the holder. So far, I have not seen anything on my pens but it is entirely possible.

Groove in Progress.
Mr. Dudek sent me this photo via text as he was working on my Groove.

The nutty smell of the wood is a plus in my eyes. I did not know this beforehand but Mike also sends some felt pads to stick on the underside of the Groove so it will not mar the finish of whatever it is placed on. He also includes some form of Doane paper notebook with your purchase. A definite plus! The discreet placement of the Dudek logo branded on the bottom of the Groove is a nice touch. I think I would not mind the logo in a more visible spot.

Mike is open to input on the design if you want to customize your Groove as I have seen a Groove with an added phone dock. You will have to ask him about that.

Overall, this would make a great gift for that pen geek that has every pen and ink you can think of already. Even if they don’t have every pen and ink it makes a great gift. I know I am enjoying mine. Get one for yourself while you are at it.

I want to thank Mr. Dudek for providing this review sample.

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