Nussbaum Pen Co. The Jon Ross Blue Rings Review

Jon Ross by Nussbaum Pen Company
Jon Ross by Nussbaum Pen Company

Nussbaum Pen Co. Jon Ross Series, Blue Rings

Medium Nib, Ink for hand written review is Stipula Musk Green

I found out about the Nussbaum line of pens last spring while browsing The design caught my eye. I made a mental note and then proceeded to forget about the pens. When I purchased my Lamy 2000, I remembered these pens and decided it was time to try one. I soon discovered there are more models available. After looking at the various models, I kept coming back to the Jon Ross series of pens. The one with the blue marble acrylic accents was calling to me.

The Nussbaum headquarters is not too far away from where I live. A six hour drive, roughly speaking. (Actually I just drove to Phoenix a few times and made it in an average of 5:45 hours.) I have never had issues getting any of my orders from and this was no exception. Most of the time I get my order earlier than what is expected. This may be due to my proximity to them.

I don’t normally write about packaging that a pen comes in. It just does not interest me. The Nussbaum pens, on the other hand, come in a leather pen sleeve. Nice. I am not aware of many pens that come in such useful packaging. I think it fits in perfectly with the environmentally friendly theme that sometimes comes up when talking about fountain pens.

Pen Slip Case
The Pen Sleeve included with the Jon Ross

Okay, enough about the packaging. The pen is almost a flat top Sheaffer looking pen. The eye catcher here is the band of blue marbles acrylic on the cap band and another helping of this great accent on the end of the pen barrel. The relatively straight barrel tapers just slightly of the section. There is also a slight step on the back end of the barrel that seems to be there so the cap can post.

Jon Ross by Nussbaum Pen Company
Jon Ross Cap Band
Jon Ross by Nussbaum Pen Company
Jon Ross Cap Finial
Jon Ross by Nussbaum Pen Company
Jon Ross Uncapped

I use the pen un-posted. The cap while not heavy, feels very solid. When posted, it can add some weight that makes the pen feel slightly unbalanced. The clip is tight with almost no give at all. It moves enough to clip it to a shirt pocket. I had to fumble a little to get it to clip to a jean pocket. I also had a bit of a time to clip it to the elastic in my pen case.

The section threads are at the very end of the section right up to the nib. This has both its advantage and disadvantage.The advantage is my fingers never touch the threads. The disadvantage is that when filling the pen with a converter, the threads make it a little more difficult to clean, after filling.

Jon Ross by Nussbaum Pen Company
Jon Ross Section Cap Threads

The nib options are, well, limited. Well , actually, there are no nib options. It is a medium nib, nothing else. I have seen this nib before. It is the same nib as what is on my Italix Parsons Essential. It has the same feed and the nib is very smooth with good flow.

Note, the following is observation after the written portion was complete and is not in the written version. I used the pen for two converter fills before writing my review. I noticed after the second converter fill, the flow was a little bit iffy on start up. I had to prime the converter to get it going again. This may be because I did not flush the pen before using it nor did I flush before filling it again. Since it did not do this initially on first fill, I am guessing a flush will cure the start up issue. Normally I do not go for medium nibs but I am pleased with the setup.

Jon Ross by Nussbaum Pen Company
The Nib on the Jon Ross

The filling system is cartridge/converter. The converter is the larger international size that I usually associate with higher end pens. I noticed something that I am not totally sure if it is the converters fault or not.When opening the barrel, the threads were really tight. I thought maybe because the pen was new. After I filled the pen and screwed the barrel back on. The last turn and a half gets very tight. I thought maybe it was the converter being clamped down under the barrel.

Overall, it is a great pen for the money. I like the fact the pen comes with the leather slip case. That is not something a lot of pen brands can say. The inlaid blue acrylic and chrome accents bands look unique and it is fun to use!

Thank you for reading!


Fountain Pen Sith Lord

I am using some vintage onion skin paper for the hand written portion this time around. Enjoy.




9 thoughts on “Nussbaum Pen Co. The Jon Ross Blue Rings Review

  1. Ivan, great review and impressive photogs. Love those macro shots. This maker has never made my must have list. I think just unfamiliarity is the only culprit. Sounds like you had a good experience and I really like the look of the pen so maybe I need to broaden my scope a little bit.

    1. I would tend to agree with you. I think that is partly why I did not get one right away. I was hoping more reviews would pop up. Unless I am missing them, I have not seen any. Thank you for reading.

  2. Thank you for this review, Ivan. A friend showed me his Jon Ross this afternoon and I liked it very much. It appears to be a very well made pen with a good nib for quite a reasonable price. I tend to like italic nibs, but the nib can likely be swapped with one from Italix. It’s on my list of pens to buy.

  3. Hi and thank you for the review, great blog! Nice to see handwritten reviews like this. The ink is wonderful. got to get one for myself.
    I have one specific question, you already mentioned that the nib and feed is identical to the one on Italix Parson’s Essential. I would like to swap my nib and feed in that pen and wanted to ask if you tried it and if it indeed does work. Do you happen to know if the units are available without the pen? Though I like the pen as well.
    Many thanks.
    – Daniel

    1. Thank you reading and for commenting. I did try to swap the nibs but unfortunately could not complete the task. I don’t remember which nib but I think it was on the Parsons, it did not budge. In the end I was using force I would consider excessive and decided to leave well enough alone as I did not want to damage the pen.

      1. Thanks a lot for the reply! You’ve just saved me some money. I almost ordered the spare nib unit from Todd at isellpens.
        Have you tried any other Nussbaum pen? The Phoenix for example? I really like the pen but there are literally zero reviews out there on that pen.

      2. I have not tried any other of their pens but the nibs are the same so I expect similar performance. The Schmidt nibs are good and safe nib that will just work. Nothing special about them unless you have them ground or grind the nib yourself. On swapping nibs, I may try again later.

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