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Levenger Sunset Handwritten Review

Levenger Sunset
Levenger Sunset

Levenger Sunset – Medium Nib with Diamine Twilight*

When I first saw this pen, I knew nothing about it. My first impression while looking at the pictures was, “Hey! That’s R2D2!” The Blue cracked ice Italian acrylic has a beautiful depth that is hard to capture. This pen was made for Levenger by Stipula but there are no Stipula markings on the pen. The only clue is the “Made in Italy engraved right under the Levenger engraving. I decided to highlight the engraving with white crayon. Continue reading “Levenger Sunset Handwritten Review”

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Waterman’s Ideal Pen Company – The Coverup?

Waterman's Ideal Pen Company Ad from 1906
Waterman’s Ideal Pen Company Ad from 1906

George Rimakis and Daniel Kirchheimer did a bunch of painstaking research to dig up the true history of the Waterman Pen Company. Daniel Kirchheimer posted a thread on FPGeeks forum linking to their research. I decided to post a link to it here.

Mr. Kirchheimer’s initial post:

“George Rimakis and I have written a monograph that reveals some astonishing information about the formative days of the Waterman company. We invite readers here to have a look and to discuss the paper.

Blotting Out the Truth


Blotting Out the Truth
The stunning discovery of a century-long cover-up of the real beginnings of L. E.
Waterman’s Ideal Pen Company
By George Rimakis and Daniel Kirchheimer


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Handwritten APICA CD11 Notebook Review

Apica CD11 Notebook from Japan
Apica CD11 Notebook

Apica Notebook CD11 Navy Blue
Test Pen: Kaweco Art Sport, Medium Nib
Test Ink: Kaweco Blue

The holy grail of any fountain pen user is a combination of ink, nib and paper. Today, I have paper in the form of an Apica CD11 notebook. I have read many good things about these notebooks. Some forum threads I found go back to 2007. It is puzzling that I have not heard more about this paper until a few months ago. To add to this, the back cover of the notebook seems to suggest that these have existed since 1987. Continue reading “Handwritten APICA CD11 Notebook Review”

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Update: Care Packages

Just a quick note to say that care packages are on their way. Thank you again to all who participated and thank you for all the comments and general encouraging words.

I have a lot of reviews coming down the pipe so stay tuned for more posts!