Do You Know PocketMod?

I want to thank Bogon07 for reviving an old thread on FPGeeks and bringing the PocketMod back into the light. What is PocketMod? It is one sheet of paper that can be folded down to a wallet sized booklet and can be customized on to your liking. The PocketMod has 8 panes you can […]

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Levenger Sunset Handwritten Review

Levenger Sunset – Medium Nib with Diamine Twilight* When I first saw this pen, I knew nothing about it. My first impression while looking at the pictures was, “Hey! That’s R2D2!” The Blue cracked ice Italian acrylic has a beautiful depth that is hard to capture. This pen was made for Levenger by Stipula but […]

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Update: Care Packages

Just a quick note to say that care packages are on their way. Thank you again to all who participated and thank you for all the comments and general encouraging words. I have a lot of reviews coming down the pipe so stay tuned for more posts!

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