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Handwritten APICA CD11 Notebook Review

Apica CD11 Notebook from Japan
Apica CD11 Notebook

Apica Notebook CD11 Navy Blue
Test Pen: Kaweco Art Sport, Medium Nib
Test Ink: Kaweco Blue

The holy grail of any fountain pen user is a combination of ink, nib and paper. Today, I have paper in the form of an Apica CD11 notebook. I have read many good things about these notebooks. Some forum threads I found go back to 2007. It is puzzling that I have not heard more about this paper until a few months ago. To add to this, the back cover of the notebook seems to suggest that these have existed since 1987.

Apica was originally called Japan Notebook Manufacturer and was founded in 1916. The notebook, in its current form, is widely used by elementary school children in Japan. Apica uses high quality velum paper that seems to be coated. This would help explain its excellent performance. The paper resists bleed and feathering admirably. There is one single signature that is sewn together and consists of 14 leaves of paper. This gives a total of 56 pages.

Apica CD11 Notebook
Apica CD11 Notebook – The Spine

The cover is described on Apica’s website as a “Baroque etched cover with laid finish.” The spine is taped for extra strength. Did I mention the paper is pH neutral? The notebook is the same size as a #16 Rhodia DotPad so the Apica is A5 in size.

Apica CD 11 Notebook From Japan
“Most Advanced Quality Gives Best Writing Features”
Apica CD 11 Notebook From Japan
Lord Vader is Pleased.
Apica CD 11 Notebook From Japan
Writing Sample Page
Apica CD 11 Notebook from Japan
Closer look at Writing Test
Apica CD 11 Notebook from Japan
Back Side of Test Page. Note that there is no bleed.

Overall, the paper is smooth and absorbs ink somewhat quick so you don’t have to wait long for the ink to dry. That is always a good thing. The only thing I could say bad about it is that it may not have enough pages for some. It is very reasonably priced at under $4 USD per notebook. I got mine for under $3 USD on special.

I don’t hesitate to recommend this notebook to any fountain pen user. It is a very good deal for some very good paper.

Thank you for reading!


The Fountain Pen Sith Lord.

*The notebook for this review was purchased via online retailer with my own money. If you purchase a notebook via my link you are helping Inktronics Blog fund more reviews.

Apica CD 11 Notebook from Japan
Hand Written Portion of the Review
Apica CD 11 Notebook from Japan
Hand Written Portion of the Review, Page 2


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2 thoughts on “Handwritten APICA CD11 Notebook Review

  1. Thanks for the write up. I’m in the market to try a new notebook, so this is timely for me. Decent paper at a good price sounds good to me.

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