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Levenger Sunset Handwritten Review

Levenger Sunset
Levenger Sunset

Levenger Sunset – Medium Nib with Diamine Twilight*

When I first saw this pen, I knew nothing about it. My first impression while looking at the pictures was, “Hey! That’s R2D2!” The Blue cracked ice Italian acrylic has a beautiful depth that is hard to capture. This pen was made for Levenger by Stipula but there are no Stipula markings on the pen. The only clue is the “Made in Italy engraved right under the Levenger engraving. I decided to highlight the engraving with white crayon.

Barrel engraving Levenger Sunset
Barrel Engraving

The silver plated treatments are a bit flashy. Okay, it has a lot more bling than I am typically attracted to. The cap is attached to a band about 18 mm wide in an overlay that has opposing vertical and horizontal bands. It resembles street grates or ventilation covers. Right above the clip is an engraved sun logo. The whole motif reminds me of the New Mexico flag with its Zia pattern. (I lived in New Mexico for many years.) One thing is for sure, you cannot look at the cap and not say, “R2!”

Levenger Sunset Made by Stipula
Levenger Sunset Made by Stipula

This pen is on the bigger side of things. Capped it measures 143 mm (5.64 inches). Posted it is about 6.5 inches or 166 mm. The section is 11.7 mm and the widest point of the barrel is 14 mm. The pen without the cap measures 137 mm or 5.4 inches.There is more of the silver plated grated banding at the butt end of the barrel. I have larger hands and can use the pen comfortably without posting the cap. The cap does post securely but things get slightly ridiculous at that point. It does get a little back/top-heavy with the caps hardware weighing it down making it feel unbalanced.

The nib is a medium 14K gold nib that has been rhodium plated. My digital caliper measures the nib point at .8 mm and it looks like a number 6 sized nib. I am pleased with the smooth feeling nib and it is a bit more springy than any 14K gold nib I have tried. That made it even more pleasing. It also has just the right amount of flow. Not super wet, not dry, again, just pleasing.

Levenger Sunset Nib and Cap
Levenger Sunset Nib and Cap

It only takes 1 3/4 turns to remove the cap and roughly 6 turns to remove the barrel. Speaking of which, the barrel is a solid acrylic tube making it an ideal candidate for eye-dropper conversion. The Sunset takes your standard large international sized converter or cartridge. My pen did not come with a converter but I sourced one without issues.

Levenger Sunset with Converter
Levenger Sunset with Converter

I noted that the clip is very springy. Almost too springy. I do not think I would trust the clip if it were in my shirt pocket and I was stooping over to pick something up.

I hesitated to review this pen because it has long been discontinued. If you like flashy pens, have a thing for Star Wars or just need something to help pilot your X-Wing Fighter, this is your pen! Just don’t expect it to deactivate the auto pilot for you. 🙂

Thank you for reading,


The Fountain Pen Sith Lord

Hand written portion follows:

Levenger Sunset 1

Levenger Sunset 2
Levenger Sunset 3

*The review pen and ink were purchased with my money for the purpose of this review. If you purchase via Amazon links on my blog, you are helping fund more reviews. Thank you.



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6 thoughts on “Levenger Sunset Handwritten Review

  1. Neat Review of a great looking pen. The vertical & horizontal slots on the cap band really catch the eye.Levenger is Italian wow you learn something new everyday.
    As if I need another Italian fountan pen brand to collect…

    1. Thank you Ken. Well, this Levenger is Italian. That is when they were working with Stipula. I know there are a few others. I am not sure who makes the current line up.

  2. Excellent review.

    I bought one years ago after the big price drop to $110 and found it average at best. I had some nib issues but I was too busy and too cheap to send it back to the USA (I live in Japan). I put it way for a while. Then, last year I had a nibmeister fix and smooth the nib and it’s now one of my favorite pens.

    Have you found any corrosion getting on the nib from the inside of the cap? There’s lots of metal up there and I have to scrub the inside every now and then or I get spots on the nib.

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