Do You Know PocketMod?

PocketMod in My Wallet
PocketMod in My Wallet

I want to thank Bogon07 for reviving an old thread on FPGeeks and bringing the PocketMod back into the light. What is PocketMod? It is one sheet of paper that can be folded down to a wallet sized booklet and can be customized on to your liking. The PocketMod has 8 panes you can customize with a calendar (2014 just added) Task lists, conversion references, tip tables, and math formulas. There are options to have a monthly, weekly or daily calendar too. Once you have your custom pocket mod designed, you can print it, cut it out and fold it into a neat little booklet. There is a video on the site showing you how to cut and fold your PocketMod once it has been printed.

I printed one out and used the panels to cut out and stick in my daily notebook similar to what the Moleskine templates offer. I printed out a second to keep in my wallet as an emergency catch all for notes I need to transfer to my daily notebook when it is not available. That does not happen very often but it does happen. The convenience is pretty obvious. The “In Case of Emergency” page is a nice touch to have in my wallet too. It does not take a lot of room and it fits fine in my slim wallet. Go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Do You Know PocketMod?

  1. Pocketmodded a custom front page, year 2014calendar backpage, 2 list pages because I like the little shadowed tick boxes and the other 4 pages are small grids.

    I always use a ruler and thin ballpoint to go over the lines dividing the pages to make folding easier.

    1. I tried the ruler thing and I ended up tearing the paper. I have the “If Lost” page up front, 2014 calendar, monthly calendar, tick list, conversion reference, tip tables and the emergency contact page. I printed off more tick list pages to glue in my notebook.

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