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Pilot Vortex Review

Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen
Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen

Pilot Vortex – Iroshizuku Kon Peki
Fine Nib

I saw the Pilot Vortex on JetPens for the first time a couple of months ago. I thought it looked unique and unlike any traditional fountain pen. The look somewhat reminded me of a 1950’s view of a futuristic rocket. It could almost be something out of a Jetson cartoon episode. (I wrote that before reading Jetpens’ description) Continue reading “Pilot Vortex Review”

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The DIY Nibmeister – Part I

The DIY Nibmeister
The DIY Nibmeister

Recently, I was asked for advice on nib grinding. Up until now, I have been reluctant to provide information for a few reasons. Some of the techniques I learned from reading on the web, other techniques I figured out on my own, some I picked up from watching videos and still others I have “reverse engineered” by studying the final work of respected nibmeisters. While I understand the concepts of nib grinding and have ground or smoothed many nibs for myself and occasionally for others, I am not a nibmeister, nib technician or nib technician apprentice. I don’t play one on TV either. (Any nibmeisters need an apprentice and have a distance learning program, just let me know. :D) For this reason, if you decide to use techniques described within the next series of posts, you take full responsibility for your own actions. I cannot be held responsible for anything you may do to your pens. There is also a disclaimer in my “about” page but I figure I should be doubly covered with the disclaimer here. Continue reading “The DIY Nibmeister – Part I”

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Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder

Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder.
Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder.

Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder.

I thought I would share this as it dawned on me that I have not reviewed it and I find it very useful. I have been using the Booksling Mini pen holder and works for even my biggest pens. It fits a Quo Vadis Habana just fine and I have been using it since 2011 with no issues. The pen is cheap and not why I bought it. I don’t think I have the pen anymore nor did I ever use it. Continue reading “Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder”

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Delta Serena Handwritten Review

Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review
Delta Serena Fountain Pen

Delta Serena – Medium Nib
Diamine Blue Black

I first heard of the Delta Serena when it was announced by Brian of the Goulet Pen Company. I did not think I would get the pen when I first saw it. After a closer look at the titanium brushed finished hardware and nib, I decided to put it on my “maybe someday” list. Some time later, Goulet Pens had some listed in the outlet section so, I decided to buy. Continue reading “Delta Serena Handwritten Review”