Delta Serena Handwritten Review

Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review
Delta Serena Fountain Pen

Delta Serena – Medium Nib
Diamine Blue Black

I first heard of the Delta Serena when it was announced by Brian of the Goulet Pen Company. I did not think I would get the pen when I first saw it. After a closer look at the titanium brushed finished hardware and nib, I decided to put it on my “maybe someday” list. Some time later, Goulet Pens had some listed in the outlet section so, I decided to buy.

Delta Serena Fountain Pen and Darth Vader
Delta Serena. “I have you now!”

Besides the titanium brushed look, the blue acrylic has a deep blue/indigo color that my camera does not capture properly. It is very pleasing in person.  The cap has a nice brushed titanium coated band, clip and a small Delta logo finial embossed on it. This was something I was not expecting on this lower end pen. The cap band has “Delta” and “Italy” engraved on it. The clip has a tight feel to it. The bead on the end of the clip is supposed to help the pen clip on to a shirt pocket easier but I found I still had to pull the clip open slightly to get it to fit in my pocket. Getting it in and out of my 12 pen case was a chore. It gripped the elastic loops very tight.

Delta Serena Cap Finial
Delta Serena Cap Finial
Delta Serena Cap Band
Delta Serena Cap

The nib has a very interesting and intricate engraving all across it that looks like a clover or a stylized fleur-de-lis pattern. You also have a Delta logo engraved on the nib. The section presents us with a bit more of that great looking brushed titanium coating. with a slight flare on the base of the section so your fingers don’t slip while writing. The barrel threads sit just above the section and there is a slight step up to the barrel. Neither bother my fingers while writing.

Delta Serena Fountain Pen Nib
Delta Serena Nib and Section

The pen is not overly big but not small either. I can use the pen without posting the cap, as is my preference. The cap does post securely and does not affect the overall balance of the pen. Using my caliper, the dimensions of the Serena are:

Capped:  132 mm
Un-capped:  119 mm
Posted:  155 mm
Barrel section at thinnest point:  11 mm
Barrel at widest point:  13 mm

This is the first pen I own with a titanium coated nib. I had zero expectations on nib performance other than it should write without skipping. This is where things went a bit south. On first ink, the pen would not write. :/ I did not understand why not. I could see the ink on the end of the nib slit but for some reason it would not travel to the tip. I “squeezed” a few drops of ink out of the converter. It started to write a few words then stop. I looked at the nib under magnification and noticed the nib slit is off-center in relation to the nib tipping. Something I have only run into one other time and it was a cheap Chinese pen. :/ Yes, my pen suffers from the dreaded baby’s bottom. I did some minor tine adjustments and it alleviated the issue a bit but it does suffer somewhat of start-up issues if left more than a couple of days. The nib also has a scratch on the left-to-right horizontal motion indicating an issue with the left inner tine. All are issues U can solve myself but a beginner would probably not be happy. As for flex, this is a steel nib, okay, okay, a titanium coated steel nib. It is not meant to flex but it is quite springy. A lot more springy than a large majority of the steel nibs I have used. Not the most springy I have used, mind you.

The Pen uses a cartridge converter that has had a little bit trimmed off the end. A regular Delta converter does not fit unless it has been trimmed. The end looks like it was cut by hand with an Exact-o knife. Not quite sure how much money Delta saved by making the barrel just a few millimeters shorter. It does not make sense to me but okay.

Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review

The flow is on the wet side and I do notice a slight stub quality to my writing that is pleasing. I like the pen but it is going to need some nib work. If you want one, I would suggest making sure you get it from a dealer with a good return policy or be prepared to possibly have the nib worked on. Then again, it may just be my pen, I have another Delta and it has none of the issues this one does.

Thank you for reading!

The Fountain Pen Sith Lord

The handwritten portion is below.

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Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion
Delta Serena Fountain Pen Review Handwritten Portion

8 thoughts on “Delta Serena Handwritten Review

  1. Good review, but this pen is at price range where I really have to think. I buy very few pens in the $100 range I like the color and the titanium is tempting but I don’t know………… Thanks, Shirl

    1. I agree with you. Add the troubles I experienced and it makes for a hard sell unless you can fix it yourself or are willing to send it out to be fixed under warranty or to a nibmiester.

      1. Yet another comprehensive Inktronics review. I’ve had a continuing interest in the red version of this attractive pen. The nib problem is cause of concern. Did the nib exhibit the stub qualities before or after you finessed it ?
        You writing shows a nice line variation that is hard to achieve with most steel nibs. Strange indeed Delta required a modification to their own converter to fit it.

      2. Hi Ken! The stub quality was already there for the writing sample. I have not done any modification to the nib other than open up the tines just slightly. That somewhat cured the hard starting but it still does it once in a while. After being left for a while it will take a bit for the ink to flow to the nib also. You can actually watch as the ink travels down the nib slit. It is kind of mesmerizing if not a little inconvenient. I may just work on the inner tine scratchiness and then leave it alone. With it being coated steel, I don’t want to mess up the titanium finish.

      3. I buy my pens sometimes just because they look good, but when I receive them I expect them to write as well as they look. So perhaps you have saved me from buying on emotion and being disappointed by the facts. Thanks for the info and your reply, Shirl

      4. Just keep in mind that my experience may not be an accurate representation for every nib. My other Delta is REALLY smooth and I have had no issues with it. 🙂 You can see my review if you search fro “Delta” in the search bar at the top left. It is the Scrigno.

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