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Kokuyo CamiApp Notebook Review

CamiApp Review

CamiApp A6 Notebook by Kokuyo – Review
The CamiApp notebook is an A6 sized spiral bound notebook. The cover is stiff cardboard. Obviously, with the spiral bound paper, the notebook lies very flat. Some people do not like spiral notebooks because the spiral gets in the way of their hand, and this is understandable. This is a small notebook and the spiral is minimal. This is not the first time I use Kokuyo paper and as always, Kokuyo’s coated paper performs admirably with fountain pens. In the case of the CamiApp notebook, fountain pen friendliness is not its claim to fame. What makes the notebook unique is the electronic aspect when paired with an Android or iOS device. The CamiApp application allows you to take pictures of your notes and catalog them with tags and “macros” within the app and special designations on the paper itself. There is a series of rectangles on the top left of the page that can automatically classify your notes.

I must admit, I was expecting a little more when it comes to the electronic aspect. It may be my unrealistic expectations, but I was thinking there would be some OCR (optical character recognition) aspect to the software. Sadly, there is none. Once your note is in electronic form, the only editing you can do is a “white board” style of mark up on the screen with rudimentary paint tools.

I am impressed at how well the app can straighten an image, although, after some research on similar technologies from other companies, it is on par with what is being offered. The black border around the page is used by the software to straighten the image. This explains the warning not to tear out the page before scanning it.

For drawings, short lists and quick notes I do not see an issue using this notebook. However, if you want to do more serious writing, I do not see the app doing more than simple cataloguing. The app does export to well known apps like; Evernote, DropBox, Google Drive, Smartbiz+, Sugarsync, and SkyDrive. It also does simple exports to email and your local photo album.

For my tests, I saved to a PDF in my local drive and Google Drive. I do believe I like the iOS experience over Android. With the Android version, I was always tweaking menus because I had forgotten something. Not so with iOS on my iPad Mini. After the initial setup in iOS, there was no need to tweak anymore settings once they were set.
Overall, a good performing analog notebook with some left to be desired performance when it comes to the app portion but still very usable.

Thank you for reading,

The Fountain Pen Sith Lord

I would like to thank for providing this review sample. The CamiApp is available through JetPens at this page.

CamiApp Review
CamiApp Review
CamiApp Review
CamiApp Review
CamiApp Review



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3 thoughts on “Kokuyo CamiApp Notebook Review

  1. There is a good video on this CamiApp thing here:

    There is also the CamiAppCards app for business cards from Kokuyo.

    He he… I am going to try printing my own pages with AR Marks in the corners (see video) instead of the (ink hungry) black borders.

  2. Hi, I just bought A6 notebook kokuyo and tried to use the camiapp. The digitalizing was great, but I have trouble using the action marker. It keep detecting 0 as the result regardless any combination I tried. I dont know whether this is the picture taking quality or something else. But overall, really useful app.

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