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What should I review next?

I thought maybe a little reader participation might be nice. I have two items I want to review but maybe you can help me decide which item to review.

First off, I have the Nock Co. Hightower. For those not familiar with it, it is a notebook/pen case touted/produced/marketed by the Pen Addict himself, Brad Dowdy. This is the limited edition Kickstarter version in peacock with a dark navy blue interior.

Next I have the Kaweco Al-Sport. It is the metal version of the Kaweco Classic. Mine had been modified to hold a Kaweco 1.1 mm italic nib.

Let me know in the comments! What’s your choice?



God and family. Stationery. Ink. Fountain pens. Electronic gizmos. I adjust and grind my own fountain pen nibs. Ubuntu Linux user since 06.10. Minidisc fan. Audio enthusiast. Contact me on Twitter: @inktronics or email: ivan at inktronicsblog dot com

9 thoughts on “What should I review next?

  1. I’m curious about the modification you did to put the 1.1 stub in the Kaweco. But I would like to see your Hightower, too.

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