Inktronics Reviews A One Man Made Leather Wallet

One Man Made Wallet and Key Fob
One Man Made Wallet and Key Fob

One Man Made Leather Wallet


I want to thank One Man Made for providing this wallet. I won it via a giveaway that was hosted on Instagram.

One Man Made is, as suggested by the name, a one man operation out of Portland, Oregon run by Brent Schuller. His online shop can be found at I found a little bit on the man behind the company in an article that appeared in The Oregonian.


A natural Horween leather smell that wafted from the cloth bag that it came in was impressive. The bi-fold wallet has six slots, three on each side and one large pocket for storing bills. I have used the wallet close to a month and it is wearing nicely. The stitching looks tight and professionally done.  All the outside edges have been burnished for a more finished look. I did notice that this particular version is not on his site but another version that has four slots (two per side) is currently on the site. I think I may know why. While the wallet can fit 6 cards, it gets a tad bit fat for front pocket carry. When I take 2 cards out, the thickness seems much more manageable. Overall a great looking wallet that should last for years to come. Despite not paying for this wallet, it is well worth the money Mr. Schuller is asking.

One Man Made Wallet, Portland, Oregon
One Man Made Wallet After About A Month of Wear


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