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Inktronics Reviews The Kaweco AL-Sport Fountain Pen

Inktronics Kaweco Al-SportKaweco Al-Sport Germany fountain pen nib aluminum anodized clip steel metal cartridge ink Vader Fountain Pen Sith Lord
Kaweco AL-Sport and Lord Vader

Kaweco AL Sport Black Fine Point Fountain Pen

1.1 mm italic nib, Conklin Black Cartridge


My AL-Sport originally came with a fine nib. I purchased a 1.1 mm italic nib through Goulet Pens some time ago and for my Classic Sport when the Goulet’s used to carry the nib units. It lived in my Classic Sport for all that time until I purchased this Al-Sport. The decision to transfer the nib to the Al-Sport was not a hard one to make. The 1.1 nib is silver-colored and the finials on the Al-Sport are silver-colored, on the Classic Sport they are gold. Something that irked me in a small way but I just tolerated it. Continue reading “Inktronics Reviews The Kaweco AL-Sport Fountain Pen”