Inktronics Reviews Diamine Red Dragon Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine Red Dragon
I have you now!


Thank you to the Goulet Pen Company for providing the bottle of Diamine Red Dragon for review.


Before I started sampling inks, I resisted trying red inks. I stuck mostly with different shades of blues. That led to green ink, then brown. I do not know why I skipped over the red end of the spectrum. Maybe it was some deep psychological fear of seeing red ink on the page. My mind drifts back to high school algebra class at this point

Diamine Red Dragon Goulet Pens
Not Algebra but it works.

Diamine Red Dragon does not have that same bright red ink that disgraced my old algebra homework. It is a deep, rich color, like what a nice accent wall should have. I love the richness it has, and if used in the right pen/nib combination you can get shading too. Best, is a slightly dry italic nib as the ink is somewhat wet and can take some time to dry on coated papers  like Rhodia or Clairefontaine. Some people have received letters from me and said that the ink was still wet. Absorbent paper will suck the life out of the ink and leave a flat red on the page that is still a pleasing shade.

Diamine Red Dragon Goulet Pens
HP Laser Paper Works Great With This Ink

Even with what some people would consider as faults, I enjoy the ink a great deal purely based on its color. Because of this, I recommend at least trying a sample of Diamine Red Dragon if you have not already.

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