Inktronics Blog Reviews Diamine Ancient Copper Fountain Pen Ink

Diamine Ancient Copper
Diamine Ancient Copper

Diamine Ancient Copper


A big thank you goes out to The Goulet Pen Company for providing this ink for review.


Ancient Copper has been on my “Want to Try” list for a long time. This one never seemed to make it to my shopping cart for one reason or another. This, as opposed to Red Dragon, I did know why. When I first heard of Ancient Copper, there was talk on the FPGeeks forum of possible ink issues because nibs were showing up with a “crusty” substance forming all over them. Some cases were slight others seemed to be a serious case of mold. As it turns out, this was not a case of contaminated ink, but a kind of oxidation when you used the ink in pens that did not have good cap sealing properties. The pen I have been using for the last two weeks has a fairly good seal but no inner cap. The crust just started to form on the nib slit. It is a very minor case and was quickly solved with a wipe with a paper towel. I have seen some extreme cases in pictures that look downright scary. Lesson to be learned is use this ink in a pen that is fairly air tight when capped.

Diamine Ancient Copper
Writing Samples with Diamine Ancient Copper
Diamine Ancient Copper
Ancient Copper Dry Times Are Not Bad Even on Coated Paper



As for the ink, it is a fiery red-brown that is very pleasing to the eye. I noticed that I can make the ink shade more if I print. Cursive seems to make the ink shade less and I have no idea why. HP laser paper mutes the fiery color and all shading is lost to a flat brown. The ink flows nicely but can take a bit to dry on coated papers. I noticed a dry time on Rhodia of about 15 – 20 seconds on this humid 90 F afternoon with 52% relative humidity. The color ranges from an old penny copper color to a slightly reddish yellow-brown hue that gives it the fiery look.

Diamine Ancient Copper
Lord Vader and Mini-Me Vader Approve Diamine Ancient Copper


Overall Diamine Ancient Copper is another very pleasing ink. I know that I will be buying a bottle when this one runs out!


4 thoughts on “Inktronics Blog Reviews Diamine Ancient Copper Fountain Pen Ink

  1. Ivan

    Great review as usual. I have not had any issues with this ink. I generally leave a pen inked for two to three weeks and if I am going to leave the same color I do a nib flush/clean and may top off the pen depending on whether it is a piston or converter fill.

    for what it is worth


  2. Love this color and go to my bottle often. I found it in my search for what I thought I wanted was orange inks but REAL orange inks did nothing for me in the end. But I’m glad I found AC! Thanks for the review

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