Fountain Pen Day Giveaway

Contest is now closed! Look for the winner announcement tomorrow. Thank you to all who commented and followed the blog!

Inktronics is participating in Fountain Pen Day with the giveaway of a Kaweco Art Sport. This elegant cousin of the Kaweco Sport is now discontinued pen. You can still find them for sale if you look around but it is getting more difficult. It is a lot more pricey than the Classic Sport too.


All you need to do is:
1. Follow this blog and
2. Comment on this entry, answer the question, “What are you doing to celebrate Fountain Pen Day?”.

Look towards the bottom of the screen, there is a small box that scrolls with you that says Follow. Click it and the rest should be self-explanatory. Lots of people are commenting but not following. That will disqualify your entry.


A winner will be chosen at random from the pool of commenters/followers ( you must follow the blog and comment), on November 7th, 2014.

Best of luck to all!





164 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Day Giveaway

  1. I’ll be celebrating Fountain Pen Day for the first time with my auncle I want to thank him for his support you know is been tough out there for dreamers like us this would be the perfect gift for him to make him smile 🙂

  2. I think I’ll celebrate by swapping out the inks on a few of my pens. I think I’ll also ink up one of my italic nibs to play around with. I’ll also be hoping that I win this beautiful pen!

  3. I’ll be writing letters and re inking some pens that have been neglected for too long. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  4. Hey there! I plan to write an article for my company’s newsletter–why use a fountain pen instead of a disposable pen–to divert more plastics from landfills.

  5. On Fountain Pen Day I will be writing letters to penpals from all over (using fountain pens and ink of course) and POSSIBLY hosting my own FP Day giveaway on Intagram 🙂

  6. I will be bringing fountain pens in to work for all of my coworkers to use. Most of them have never seen or even used a fountain pen. Hoping to convert some people to the good news of fountain pens lol.

  7. I’ll be in the hospital for the entire day tomorrow, so I’ll celebrate that day by using fountain pens! Let’s just hope the paper they use in the hospital is better paper than I assume.

  8. I plan on celebrating by passing out some cheaper fountain pens to my friends so that others can enjoy this (almost national) holiday!! Also, thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  9. Be gentle its my first Fountain Pen Day. Seems like a perfect day to drag out all my fountain pens for a good clean and well earned love. Perhaps re-ink a few old favourites.

  10. I’ll definitely be writing! I don’t always make enough time to write with my fountain pens, and Fountain Pen Day is the perfect excuse to do so.

  11. Eeeee! I wanna join! I wanna join! Unfortunately I have to work on Fountain Pen Day so I cannot join the folks in the Philippines who put together an art exhibit for it. However, I’ll be writing all day, sending out letters to dear friends and I’m giving a non-FP using friend a “starter kit” (of an entry level pen and a small bottle of ink) to encourage her to start using FPs.

  12. First, I’m going to finish entering all these FPD giveaways, lol. I’m particularly looking forward to writing a letter to Goulet Pens…I’ve got some Tomoe River paper burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak, and just received the mint skyline Kaweco from Jet Pens last week…planning to use the J Herbin Vert Reseda.

  13. To celebrate fountain pen day, I’ve been getting on top of my letter backlog, and giving my pens a lot of much-needed TLC ❤ With work recently I've not been able to care for my pens as much as I'd like… they definitely needed the love!

  14. I’ll be celebrating PFday for the first time ever. It will be a great occasion to pull out my inks and pens and start drawing with pens for my thesis using different inks for different things. it will be glorious to see the contrast between Namiki Blue and Mont Blanc Burgundy Red.

  15. I’ve got several pens on my desk that need to be cleaned out and flushed. A few will be returned to the storage case and a few will be re-inked with something different. I love having a variety of inks and pens available so, depending on my mood and the needs, I can just grab one and start writing!

  16. I think I’ll finally get around to documenting my ink/pen collection. My nerd brain loves the idea of having a directory of colors and attributes I can reach for.

  17. Today I’ll be brainstorming for my dissertation using my trusty notepad and Parker Urban. Hopefully I’ll have time to send off a couple notes to friends written in Noodler’s Habanero ink.

  18. I will be attending the pen meet of the first Fountain Pen Day in the Philippines. It’s quite a celebration with fountain pen art exhibits and calligraphy workshops and sketching contests!

  19. I will be taking some time for some much needed practice! I may come out with a new pen and some ink as well 😉

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