Inktronics Reviews the Urban Wrist – iZip iPad Wallet

Urban wrist iZip
Urban Wrist iZip Wallet

Urban Wrist – iZip iPad Wallet


Urban wrist iZip
Custom Laser Engraving is Offered

I first heard of Urban Wrist on Instagram. I saw a picture of an iPad case in leather that I had initially thought was an “This Is Ground” Mod-Mini. ( Upon close inspection I quickly discovered it was not. After some questions on Instagram were answered, I placed my order.

From payment to delivery, the iZip took 6 days to reach me and that is with paying rather late on the first day. Urban Wrist is based out of Los Angeles, California. The iZip arrived in a simple envelope and my first impression was, “Man! this smells like glue!” Not exactly the leather smell I was hoping for. Based on images I have seen online, it looks like the interior is precut and waiting to be glued and sewn into the outer shell when ordered. I left the iZip sitting on my desk for about a week and the glue smell subsided leaving a more pleasant tanned leather smell.

Urban wrist iZip
A roomy interior also allows me to carry a notebook and my Nexus 5 along with my iPad.


I chose the crazy horse leather version with a laser engraving on the outside front cover. The leather shows scratches and nicks very easily but a simple rub of the leather makes those nicks and scratches not as visible. The iZip has a simple pocket for an ipad mini on the right hand side. A pen loop is located on what would be the interior spine. On the left you have a wallet area with 6 credit card slots and a zippered pocket that is about the perfect size for bills. That is pretty much it for the iZip.

Urban wrist iZip
Not YKK but seems sturdy.

It is a very simple and clean design. I had to change out my iPad mini case for something thinner because my previous case was too thick to allow it to fit the designated pocket in the iZip. After some research, it looks like Urban Wrist had been doing these cases before This Is Ground started their cases.

Urban wrist iZip
Internal branding

It may be just coincidence that both companies with similar looking products are both based out of L.A.

Urban wrist iZip
It’s a tight fit with the case on but the leather stretched enough that it is not too hard to get in and out.

In the end, the Urban Wrist iZip is less than half what a Mod-Mini costs and I did get a 20% off discount code. Of course, it does not have all the bells and whistles of a Mod-mini but I can live with that. Even if I have not actually held one in my hands. Not bad for what it is and it has become my ipad case when I am not carrying a bag. The funny thing is that if you go to, you will not find the iZip. You need to go to their Etsy Store. 😉

I paid for this item from my own money and have not been compensated for this review.

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