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Pictorial: Retro 51 Tornado Popper Flying Tiger LE

Retro 51 popping Flying Tiger LE
The Flying Tiger LE version was hard to resist.
Retro 51 Tornado Popper Flying Tiger LE – A pictorial review.

I have already reviewed the Retro 51 Tornado and you can read it here. Nothing has changed as to my opinion on the pen. You can read my review here. The review is almost three years old and with exception of the cosmetics, it is the same pen.

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Field Coates by RichWorks Gear

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
The Field Coates loaded Up

RichWorks Gear Field Coates This has been a review that was long overdue. I enjoy using pocket-sized notebooks for my everyday note taking and for work. These notebooks are small enough to fit just about anywhere without being obtrusive and provide enough writing space until you can get your thoughts into a more permanent form.

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Inktronics: About the TWSBI ECO

TWSBI Eco - Might that little lip on the section be a weak spot?
TWSBI Eco – Might that little lip on the section be a weak spot?
TWSBI ECO Let me start this by saying I have several TWSBI pens in my collection. TWSBI was one of the first brands I was introduced to after the Lamy Safari broke my death grip. My first TWSBI was the Diamond 530. It was right before the 540 was going to be introduced and the 530 was being cleared out. A few years later and I now have the 530, 540, Micarta (v1), and the Mini. That’s where things just stopped.

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The Echo Six Designs Leather Card Wallet

The Echo Six Designs card wallet made for Inktronics
The Echo Six Designs card wallet made for Inktronics

  I have done small leather projects for myself from time to time. Mostly simple things that don’t involve a lot of the more difficult leather work. Some things I have done in the past, with help from my wife are, pen cases and cell phone cases. I have done a leather notebook cover for myself that included staining the raw leather. Continue reading “The Echo Six Designs Leather Card Wallet”

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Eighty Pages Notebook Review

Eighty pages review
EightyPages embossed logo on back cover
Eighty pages review at
EightyPages Notebook spine after 3 months of use

I don’t remember exactly how I came across but I think I either saw a post on Twitter or Instagram and was instantly drawn to their Kickstarter page. Shortly afterward I had a review copy in hand. EightyPages is an outfit out of New York that makes notebooks in small batches. Each edition is limited and as such are individually numbered. My review copy is 00-002. The first number is the volume and the second number is the production number. Based on that definition, I received the second notebook in their production.
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