Eighty Pages Notebook Review

Eighty pages review inktronicsblog.com
EightyPages embossed logo on back cover
Eighty pages review at inktronicsblog.com
EightyPages Notebook spine after 3 months of use

I don’t remember exactly how I came across Eightypages.com but I think I either saw a post on Twitter or Instagram and was instantly drawn to their Kickstarter page. Shortly afterward I had a review copy in hand. EightyPages is an outfit out of New York that makes notebooks in small batches. Each edition is limited and as such are individually numbered. My review copy is 00-002. The first number is the volume and the second number is the production number. Based on that definition, I received the second notebook in their production.

My notebook is the soft cover edition and as the name implies, they have eighty pages. A rugged and textured card stock cover wraps around those pages and everything is held together with waxed linen thread. Currently the notebooks only come in plain paper but apparently there are plans to make lines and graph paper versions. They make both soft cover and hard cover notebook in what I like to call “Field Notes” size. That is to say 3.5 inch wide by 5.5 inch tall. Field Notes have become somewhat ubiquitous among stationery and pen geeks so it is easy to make the comparison. once you get beyond the limited edition and size comparison, EightyPages takes a different road. Part of this is the numbered aspect, the other is cover. It feels much more robust than your typical Field Notes. Part of that is due to the eighty pages of somewhat toothy paper. You can see the paper grain very easily and it feels rough even with my smoothest fountain pen. It’s not a bad roughness but you can feel it under the nib. If you prefer super smooth, glass like paper with melted butter and silicone grease on top, this is not for you. It is definitely one of the rougher papers I have used. I would compare it to some of the Triomph paper I have sampled. On the plus side, there is no spidering, feathering, ghosting or bleed with any of the pens/inks I tried.

Eighty pages review inktronicsblog.com
EightyPages notebooks are made in small batches and individually numbered.

The price also differentiates it from its Field Notes counterpart. When you compare price per page, EightyPages notebooks are about twice the price. Here is the odd thing I noticed. While a three pack of Field Notes lasts me about three months, one EightyPages notebook lasts me about the same. Go figure. I am not sure if it is the blank pages but my first entry is dated April 7 and my last entry is from July 7. One notebook makes for a good value as I can have more of my notes with me in one place. I ended up supporting the Kickstarter at a level that gave me three more of the soft cover notebooks and one of the hard cover notebooks.

Eighty pages review inktronicsblog.com
The writing test page.
Eighty pages review inktronicsblog.com
Dry times test page.

One thought on “Eighty Pages Notebook Review

  1. Thank you for your review of this notebook. I was curious bout the quality of it. I like a little feedback as far as paper and nibs, so I doubt the paper would bother me. It looks like it takes ink beautifully, judging by your tests.

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