The Echo Six Designs Leather Card Wallet

The Echo Six Designs card wallet made for Inktronics
The Echo Six Designs card wallet made for Inktronics

  I have done small leather projects for myself from time to time. Mostly simple things that don’t involve a lot of the more difficult leather work. Some things I have done in the past, with help from my wife are, pen cases and cell phone cases. I have done a leather notebook cover for myself that included staining the raw leather. More recently I made a simple pen loop, there is a picture in my Instagram feed. My feed is to the lower left of this page. While I am no expert in leather work, I have an appreciation for what it takes to turn a raw piece of leather into something useful. The patience and skill that goes into a piece is sometimes readily visible. When I received my Echo Six Designs card wallet, you could see Keith had spent some time on this.

The Echo Six Designs Card Wallet
Look at those edges!

The craftsmanship blew me away. The first thing I noticed was the deep, rich finish. Then the raw edges. The edges. Look. At. The. Edges. I don’t know how long it takes Keith to do those edges like that but they are hand polished to a shine. The stitching also has a professional look. You can tell it was done by hand but some time was spent on getting they straight and tying off/burning the thread just right so it will not come undone easily. All the other cuts look cut precisely but my wallet does look slightly lop-sided if you look at the snap closure carefully. Not something you would notice right away. Actually, I noticed it about 4 months after using it. It shows little to no wear after use. I decided to have my card wallet stamped with “Inktronics”. Under my custom stamp you find the Echo Six Designs logo. All the imprinting is crisp, deep and sharp. It is something I think can only be achieved with the leather being wet. 

The Echo Six Designs card wallet
The imprint is deep and very crisp.

 I use the card wallet as my regular wallet. It fits ten credit card sized cards with no problems. You can cut the cards down in half and have about 4-5 bills folded in thirds in it.


The Echo Six Designs card wallet
The card wallet can hold 10 credit card sized cards.

Overall, this is a high quality piece that is made in the US by a retired US Marine that likes to do stuff. Stuff out of leather.

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