Rustico Field Leather Notebook

Rustico Leather
Rustico Leather Field Notebook Cover

Rustico Field Leather Notebook Review – The executive review aka the shortened version.

Rustico Leather
The back of the cover with Pen Sleeve. Karas Kustoms Render K in the Sleeve

You might have gathered I enjoy using notebooks. One size, in particular, is the pocket-size notebooks or as some refer to them, Field Notes size. This is a notebook that is 3.5″ x 5.5″ in size, but you already knew that. These notebooks are part of my everyday carry. The information I keep in them is important and I sometimes have to refer back to it. As such, I like to protect my notebooks as much as possible. I found the Field Leather Notebook cover on Massdrop and ordered it without second guessing.

Rustico Leather
Inside pockets
Rustico Leather
Close up look at the grain of the leather. Shows lots of character.

The notebook I bought is the Dark Brown. It can hold two notebooks without issues although one fits in the right-hand pocket and is easily accessible without taking it out of the pocket. The second notebook sits in a left-hand pocket that is meant more for business cards or receipts. On the back cover is a generous pen sleeve that fits some of my bigger pens but stretches the leather a bit.

Rustico Leather
Full view from the back

About the leather, it is a bit on the thicker side. This made breaking it in, take a bit longer. The leather scratches very easily, but the scratches cover up as easy as they appear. I tried using hand cream to lessen the look of the scratches on the leather. It worked for a few days and the leather turned darker for a few days but turned back to its original color after those few days passed. I have not used the hand cream again and just let the scratches add to the character of the leather. Overall, a great deal at $36 and they include a mixed 3-pack of Field Notes notebooks to boot!

Rustico Leather
Filled with 2 notebooks and some random scraps of paper I needed to categorize.

Thanks for reading!

Ivan, where the pen is mightier than the sword, but  light saber?

*I purchased this item with my own money and was not compensated for this review.

7 thoughts on “Rustico Field Leather Notebook

      1. Thanks a lot for your quick reply. After posting my question I saw that you already mentioned it in your post. Sorry about that.

        I’m going to order one (also in dark brown) based on your review 🙂
        Btw. your photos are really great and actually way better than the ones that Rustico uses on their website.

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