Baron Fig Special Edition 2016 Confidant Planner

Baron Fig Special edition Confidant Planner
Baron Fig Special edition Confidant Planner


I had heard of the Baron Fig Confidant series of notebooks but never tried them. When I heard of the planner edition, I thought I should try the notebook. Maybe not the smartest thing since I am invested in Hobonichi, but I figured I could use it for work and keep my Hobonichi for personal planning/journaling.

The book arrived very quick and was packaged in a cellophane wrapped heavy cardboard box.

Baron Fig Confidant Planner 2016
They included a sheet with a separate 2016 Calendar.

2016 was emblazoned on the front with a description of the features of the notebook on the backside. Upon opening the box, there is a 2016 calendar insert in the box along with the charcoal grey clothbound planner. The front cover has “2016” embossed on the lower front cover and there is a grey cloth bookmark peeking out from the book. The planner is divided into three sections. There is the first section, it has the year, next is the monthly calendar. After that, you have the week on two pages, followed by a section of dot grid notepaper. The week on two pages section starts with Monday. One day takes up about a third of the page with Saturday and Sunday sharing 1/3 of the second page. Someone mentioned that having two bookmarks would be helpful as you could mark the monthly calendar and keep another marker on the week. I agree with that.

Baron Fig Confidant Planner 2016
The year view.


Baron Fig Confidant Planner 2016
Month View
Baron Fig Confidant Planner 2016
Week on Two Pages

My worry when I try a new notebook is that the paper is not going to take fountain pen ink well. I was pleasantly surprised that all the pens I had inked, from fine to 1.1 mm nibs worked more than adequately with the Baron Fig acid-free paper. The paper is smooth and absorbs ink quickly, yet it did not feather nor bleed with the inks I tested. I did have rather tame inks in my pens, namely Waterman Florida Blue but more saturated inks like Iroshizuku Kon Peki or Levenger Bahama Blue behaved very well on this paper.

Baron Fig Confidant Planner 2016
Fountain Pen Test Page
Baron Fig Confidant Planner 2016
Back of the Fountain Pen Test Page


The book opens flat and I like the perforated pages at the end of the notebook. The size of the notebook is close to A5 which is my preferred format and definitely a plus in my book. For the eco-conscious, Baron Fig will plant a tree for every Confidant that is purchased. An admirable policy! The only thing left to test is the quality of the binding, that will come with time, but it looks to be a quality binding with sewn in signatures. My cover did seem a little bit curled which is usually a sign of excessive moisture when the binding was set to dry. Something minor and it should flatten out after some use. The $22 price tag includes free shipping in the US.
Baron Fig Confidant Planner 2016
I could not find too many other reviews of the planner so here is what others are saying about the Confidant notebook which is practically the same thing:

Joe Craig video on the regular Confidant notebook Mr. Craig also goes into other notebooks.

Pen Addict’s Brad Dowdy Reviews the Confidant Notebook.

The Well Appointed Desk’s Ana Reinert’s take on the Confidant

I thought I would throw in a video I found of Joey Cofone, co-founder of Baron Fig as a bonus. It has some insight on how the company came to be along with the philosophy behind the company.

Thanks for reading!

Ivan -Fountain Pen Sith Lord – Where the pen is mightier than the sword, but a lightsaber?

*I purchased this notebook with my own money and was not compensated for this review.

3 thoughts on “Baron Fig Special Edition 2016 Confidant Planner

  1. This year (2015) I converted to a bullet journal from using electronic task/project managers. I’m thinking that my next step will be a Midori (or Midori-like) shell with several inserts to accommodate the various parts of that toolkit. I would use an insert for each of Annual List, Monthly Lists, Daily Lists, and Project/Other Lists. It would separate the materials and make indexing a bit easier.

    But, I didn’t get my stuff ordered for the new year. [shrug] I might just run this Black n’ Red until it’s full and then convert.

    Nice stuff… thanks!

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