Galen Leather Field Notes Cover No 55 Review

Galen Leather Field Notes Cover No 55

I would like to thank Zeynep at Galen Leather for providing this cover for review. This is one of two covers I was given for review and while I did not pay for this cover, I was not payed for this review and my opinions are my own. You can read the review of the No 44 cover here. That review goes into further detail about the packaging and applies to this model also.

Like the No 44 cover, this cover will fit pocket notebooks in the size 3.5 inch wide by 5.5 inch tall in the right hand pocket. The left side of the notebook cover includes a section for business or credit cards. Three horizontal slots can expand to hold quite a few cards. I typically carry 5-6 cards and they all fit fine with a bit of room to spare. These are not true pockets but slots that hold the cards in place through friction. There is also one elastic pen loop that is glued on the internal portion of what would be the spine of the cover. The cover came is a Navy Blue color and Galen leather does add a note about the color fastness of the leather especially if exposed to sunlight. I have about 1 month of continuous use on this cover and cannot tell if the desert sun has faded the blue. I suspect there has been some slight fading but nothing major.

The vegetable tanned leather itself is more like what I have been accustomed to with these covers. It is roughly 2-3 mm thick and was very stiff when I first got it. It had a hard time keeping closed for the first week and I had an elastic band on it for the first couple of weeks until it finally stayed closed on its own. It was no different with other covers I have had with this thickness of leather. The thickness gives the cover a structure and rigidity that feels solid and is very pleasing. The edges of the leather have been burnished but I noticed my hands would pickup some of the leather dye if I ran my fingers on the edge. It still does this after 5 months but not as much as when I first received it. The hand stitching is flawless and looks very even and sturdy.

What I like:

  • The quality of the leather and construction is top notch.
  • The color.
  • Elastic pen loop accommodates many different writing utensils.
  • The price is very reasonable at $39 USD.

What I don’t like:

  • The pen loop is hot glued to the leather. It has held up and should be easy to repair if needed but I feel this could have been done better.
  • The horizontal card slots fell like they could eventually stretch and make for cards that could fall out. This is purely speculation on my part because it has not happened to me but I specifically avoid covers with this type of setup just to be safe. I prefer covers that have card slots that have the cards facing towards the spine for security.
  • The color is sensitive to UV and should be kept out of direct sunlight.

I feel that if the pen loop was stitched in or riveted in, even at the cost of a higher price point, it would make an already good cover so much better. Overall it is a good cover at a price point that will not break the bank.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Ivan –

Where the pen is mightier than the sword but a light saber?

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