Benu Classic Black Skull Fountain Pen

A thank you goes out to Kate at Benu Pen for providing the pen for this review. Keep reading because someone will win this pen and there is also a special offer!

I had seen pictures of Benu Pen fountain pens on Instagram and Facebook before. It was not until this week that I have an opportunity to hold one in my hand. As regular readers know, I do not pay much attention to packaging, but there is something to be said for a package that is hand wrapped. I forgot to take pictures because I was so excited to receive the pen. It came in a small pen box that was wrapped in craft paper with Benu Pen branding and tied down with jute twine. I removed the wrapping, and it revealed the brown cardboard pen box with Benu Pen branding on the lid. Upon opening the lid, you are greeted with the pen resting on a bed of shredded paper.

The pen is made of black plastic and weighs in at an incredibly light 16 grams with the ink cartridge installed. The cap is a feathery 4.7 grams. The pen measures 114.3 mm capped and 105 mm uncapped. You cannot post the cap. I find I can write with the pen, but it is at the lower limit of what I consider small for my hand.



The cap band comes in your choice of gold or silver and is engraved simply with “BENU”.
IMAG0821 The body and cap are covered in skulls and crossbones that give the pen a very tactile feel. The section is smooth but flares out slightly where it meets the nib. The step down from the barrel to the section is pronounced but does not feel sharp. The threads are also under my fingers but they are very smooth.


The nib is a stock Schmidt medium nib unit that I have not tried before and looks to be a #5 nib. Schmidt nibs are known for working well out of the box. This nib is no exception. I am impressed with the nib. It is smoother than any Schmidt nib I have tried. I let a couple of people try the pen and their first reaction was, “Oh, I Like this, it’s sooooo smooth!”

IMAG0818 IMAG0820

The pens unique look is a definite attention getter. The cigar-shaped pen is almost pocket sized. Some may not like the fact that the pen does not have a clip. Others will applaud this design decision.

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Here is where you get your chance to win the pen in this review. The giveaway is open to anyone. The contest ends on Saturday, May 6th at 12 pm MDT. A winner will be chosen randomly from the list of commenters that also follow this blog. The only requirement for your comment is that it should read as if a pirate were saying it.


If you can’t wait, Benu is offering a limited time offer to get a 20% discount exclusively to the readers of this blog on the following pens:

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27 thoughts on “Benu Classic Black Skull Fountain Pen

  1. Yarg, nice it would be for a fashionable pirate like meself to match me pen and the flag on me ship. No reason you can’t be savy while plundering I always say.

  2. Yar, matey. I could be replacin’ me hook with this pen so I can write me mateys about all me plunderin’. It’s a fine treasure indeed.

  3. Yo ho ho! Thanks fer th’ chance t’ owns this jolly roger booty, matey! ‘Tis perfect fer a pirate like me! Arrr!

  4. Set ye sails and shiver me timbers, even a scallywag like me would be enjoying yer skull n crossbones booty. Yarrr.

  5. Arr, thar be a fine treasure ye be holdin, fine indeed. Perhaps we can come to an understandin that benefit us both. Parlay?

  6. Damnation seize my soul if I give you quarters, or take any from you, surrender that Benu pen because I’ve got a jar of dirt! I’ve got a jar of dirt….. Why is the rum always gone?

  7. Ahoy! That’s mighty fine treasure you have there, skipper! Give up the loot or I’ll feed ye to the sharkies. Arrr!

  8. This pen is mightier than mah swashbucklin’ sword! A wee hidden dagger for a wench like me.

  9. Shiver me timbers that be the legendary pen of Davy Jones himself! Legend has it if ye fill it wit the blud n ink of a newborn kraken, anythin ye write with it comes to pass. Arrr!!! I be needin now!!!!

  10. Yarr, wanna grab this pen outa the wet and cold hands of my enemies … this pen has to write down my bloody story … aye.

  11. Ahoy Matey! No Son of a Biscuit Eater, no lily-livered landlubber is goin’ to come between me and thar lovely delicious pen. I got a riddle to tickle your timbers: How much booty does it cost for a pirate to get his ears pierced? Answer: A buck an ear. Har!

  12. Aye, a scary one it be. Flyin’ the skull n’ crossbones, such beauty never has been upon the seven seas. Shivers me timbers. Upon what treasure map does one gaze in search of such a thing, dark as the inky depths of the sea itself? A parchment awaits in me cap’ns quarters for treasure such as this.

  13. Now THAT be a mighty fine pen, me harties! Set sail for treasure, for we be takin’ this pen for ourselves!

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