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Vintage Omas 360 Magnum

This is a quick overview video of the vintage Omas 360 in the Magnum size. Its claim to 5 minutes of fame is it once belonged to SBREBrown. I also compare it to the modern Omas 360. I realize I say “basically” a lot edition.

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DIY: Automatic Closet Light

Our walk in closet lighting has been a problem for a few years. You see, the single bulb light is a pull chain type fixture. There is no switch on the wall to control it. Those fixtures are rather cheap. I have replaced the pull chain several times and I am not sure what it is but they don’t seem to last very long. I was fed up having to replace the pull switch and I was determined to add a wall switch to the light fixture to lessen the hassle of replacing the pull chain switch every year. While at the hardware store I passed by the outdoor lighting section and a light literally turned on above my head. That’s when it hit me. Continue reading “DIY: Automatic Closet Light”