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Inked Pens for April

I am experimenting on YouTube. This is my second video. It should be a big improvement over the last video as I actually did some editing of the video before posting. :p In the video, you will see the 12 pens I have inked, as of yesterday. Yes, 12. My autocorrect is even questioning the reference to 12 pens inked! So, here is the video link:

You will see a few pens I have not mentioned before. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen some of them already.

Below is a scan of the writing sample created with each pen. The paper is from a Muji notebook (A5) that Jose N. gave me a while back. It’s actually really good for fountain pens.

inked 4 3 2017


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5 Things To Do When Shipping A Fountain Pen

5 Things To Do Before Shipping A Fountain Pen
5 Things To Do When Shipping A Fountain Pen. Drawing by reka24_ on Instagram. Photo by joka29_ Used with permission.

So, you have come to the point in your fountain pen journey where it is time to start selling or giving away some of your pens. Maybe the nib was not the right softness or it was too broad. Maybe the color was not what you expected. Maybe it just turned out the section is too thin for your hand. Maybe you are not selling or giving away a pen but sending it off to be worked on by a nib meister. You can try selling or giving away your unused pens on the internet. Whether it be on eBay, Etsy, a fountain pen forum or social media, there are a few things you need to do to become a trusted seller/giver and shipper. Continue reading “5 Things To Do When Shipping A Fountain Pen”

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DIY: A Charging Station Idea


Two tablets and 2 phones make their home in this charging station. Check the links below for more ideas.


If you have kids old enough to have their own electronic devices, you know that it can get cumbersome when everyone needs to charge their device. A usual sight at our home was to find multiple chargers plugged into a power strip and a spaghetti bowl of cables going across the kitchen counter with multiple devices strewn on the counter. I tried alleviating the mess by reducing the number of chargers plugged into the strip by replacing the power strip with a wall plate that has USB connections in it. This helped a little bit but we still had cables across the kitchen counter.

I started looking at ideas for a charging station that I could make or at least modify. I found many ideas. Some involved modifying small boxes to hold the power strip and cables. I tried a variation of this with limited success as the box I chose was too big for the table I had chosen in our living room. The table has a nice compartment that I wanted to use to hide all the cables but that would require drilling through the bottom of it. My wife put a stop to that. So, I was back to square one.

While browsing a local discount store, I came across a leather file folder organizer and that’s when it clicked. It was perfect. I hid the power strip behind the table with velcro and the organizer sits atop the table. I used some stick on cable routing clips on the back of the file organizer to keep the cables in check. It easily holds 2 tablets and 2 phones with room for more.  Not bad for less than 10 minutes of work.

Thanks for reading!


UBaymax 5 Compartment Desk Organizer Pen Pencil Caddy Desktop Organizer Media/ Card/ Remote Control Holder Organizer PU Leather Office Supplies (Black)

3 Tier Country Rustic Brown Wood Office Desk File Organizer Mail Sorter Tray Holder w/ Storage Drawer

Honey-Can-Do OFC-03612 Woven Document Carrying Tote, 14 x 7.75 x 9″, Espresso

Hysada USB Charger, 8 Multi-Port USB Charging Station, 8 Port USB Wall, Travel Charger USB Socket, Fast Charger With LCD Display For iPhone 6/6S/ 6/6S Plus/5/5S/SE HTC Samsung And Other USB Devices

YOCOU 5-Channel Cable Management System, Pack of 6

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Galen Leather Field Notes Cover No 55 Review

Galen Leather Field Notes Cover No 55

I would like to thank Zeynep at Galen Leather for providing this cover for review. This is one of two covers I was given for review and while I did not pay for this cover, I was not payed for this review and my opinions are my own. You can read the review of the No 44 cover here. That review goes into further detail about the packaging and applies to this model also. Continue reading “Galen Leather Field Notes Cover No 55 Review”

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Review: Galen Leather No. 44 Pocket Notebook Cover

Galen Leather Field Notes Cover / Wallet

Galen Leather Field Notes Cover No. 44

A special thanks goes out to Zeynep from Galen Leather who contacted me and provided this leather pocket notebook cover for this review along with another that will be reviewed soon. Although this was provided to me at no charge, I was not paid to endorse this product. My opinions are my own. Continue reading “Review: Galen Leather No. 44 Pocket Notebook Cover”

A New Look

I needed to change up the site for a while now. I noticed it loading slower and hopefully the changes will help to load the blog faster. I think I caught a few tag mistakes too. If something seems out of order, please let me know with a comment.