Kokuyo CamiApp Notebook Review

CamiApp A6 Notebook by Kokuyo – Review The CamiApp notebook is an A6 sized spiral bound notebook. The cover is stiff cardboard. Obviously, with the spiral bound paper, the notebook lies very flat. Some people do not like spiral notebooks because the spiral gets in the way of their hand, and this is understandable. This […]

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Kokuyo Paracuruno Notebook Review

Kokuyo Paracuruno Notebook Review Let me start by thanking Lily at JetPens who so generously provided this sample for review. On to the review! The Paracuruno is a pocket notebook in the A6 size. It displays it’s specs on the front cover prominently next to the spine tape. 70 Sheets, 148 mm x 105 mm, […]

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