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Lamy Petrol First Ink

I received my bottles of Lamy Petrol just recently and here is the first inking in my Sailor Pro Gear Slim.


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Benu Classic Black Skull Fountain Pen

A thank you goes out to Kate at Benu Pen for providing the pen for this review. Keep reading because someone will win this pen and there is also a special offer! Continue reading “Benu Classic Black Skull Fountain Pen”

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5 Things To Do When Shipping A Fountain Pen

5 Things To Do Before Shipping A Fountain Pen
5 Things To Do When Shipping A Fountain Pen. Drawing by reka24_ on Instagram. Photo by joka29_ Used with permission.

So, you have come to the point in your fountain pen journey where it is time to start selling or giving away some of your pens. Maybe the nib was not the right softness or it was too broad. Maybe the color was not what you expected. Maybe it just turned out the section is too thin for your hand. Maybe you are not selling or giving away a pen but sending it off to be worked on by a nib meister. You can try selling or giving away your unused pens on the internet. Whether it be on eBay, Etsy, a fountain pen forum or social media, there are a few things you need to do to become a trusted seller/giver and shipper. Continue reading “5 Things To Do When Shipping A Fountain Pen”

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Noodler’s Berning Red


Noodler's Berning Red
Noodler’s Berning Red Ink Swatch

Thank you to Pen Boutique for providing the ink for today’s review.


If you don’t have a lot of experience with Noodler’s ink, you will quickly find that Nathan Tardiff is not shy about mixing his political views into the inks he creates. This can turn some people off but that does not seem to deter Mr. Tardiff. The newest ink to come out of his laboratory is Berning Red, an ink for lefties. Some double-entendre is going on with the name, obviously. Continue reading “Noodler’s Berning Red”

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Inktronics: About the TWSBI ECO

TWSBI Eco - Might that little lip on the section be a weak spot?
TWSBI Eco – Might that little lip on the section be a weak spot?
TWSBI ECO Let me start this by saying I have several TWSBI pens in my collection. TWSBI was one of the first brands I was introduced to after the Lamy Safari broke my death grip. My first TWSBI was the Diamond 530. It was right before the 540 was going to be introduced and the 530 was being cleared out. A few years later and I now have the 530, 540, Micarta (v1), and the Mini. That’s where things just stopped.

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Eighty Pages Notebook Review

Eighty pages review
EightyPages embossed logo on back cover
Eighty pages review at
EightyPages Notebook spine after 3 months of use

I don’t remember exactly how I came across but I think I either saw a post on Twitter or Instagram and was instantly drawn to their Kickstarter page. Shortly afterward I had a review copy in hand. EightyPages is an outfit out of New York that makes notebooks in small batches. Each edition is limited and as such are individually numbered. My review copy is 00-002. The first number is the volume and the second number is the production number. Based on that definition, I received the second notebook in their production.
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Paper-Oh Cahier Ondulo Notebook Review (B7) and Giveaway (closed)

Paper-oh Cahier Ondulo B7 by
Paper-oh Cahier Ondulo B7

Paper-Oh Cahier Ondulo B7 (88 x 125 mm)

Thank you to paper-oh for providing this review notebook!

Paper-oh Cahier Ondulo B7 by
Paper-oh Cahier Ondulo B7
I remember seeing the Paper-Oh notebook line after a tweet popped up in my feed. The first thing that caught my eye about these notebooks are the covers. The geometric shapes and wavy cardboard look very interesting. The Cahier Ondulo is the wavy cardboard covered version. Ondulo as I understand it, means wavy, so it is a fitting name. Continue reading “Paper-Oh Cahier Ondulo Notebook Review (B7) and Giveaway (closed)”