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It Just Came A Nock – ing

If you spend any time at all researching pens, you must have run into the Pen Addict blog. Brad Dowdy has gone live with his Kick Starter project. Pen cases, notebook cases and combinations of the two. Check it out and support Brad!



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Bamboo Pen by Ken Cavers aka drgoretex

After seeing some very nice examples of this “Bamboo” pen by Ken Cavers, I knew I wanted one. It took me a while to finally decide ti contact the good doctor and place my order. The hardest part of the whole ordering process was deciding what material the pen should be made of. After a few emails back and forth, the order was complete. I thought deciding what material to chose was the hard part. It’s not. Waiting was the hardest part. You see, these pens have become popular and Ken has a long waiting list of orders to fill. Add in the fact that pen making is not Ken’s day job (He is a real doctor) and that equals a 6 month wait list. Fortunately, I did not have to wait that long. It was more like three or four months, I don’t remember exactly now but it was worth the wait.
Bamboo Pen by Ken Cavers
The pen is done in what Ken calls Red and Black acrylic. It has a fiery look to it that is really cool. Being a Fountain Pen Sith Lord, I renamed the pen material, “The Fires of Mustafar”.

Capped the pen is very large. It clocks in at just under 6 inches or 151 mm. Without the cap, it measures 132 mm. You cannot post the cap. I am okay with that as I rarely post my pens. The pen is perfectly sized for my hand without the cap anyway. The section, at the thinnest point measures 10.3 mm and 17.7 mm at the thickest point of the barrel. The slightly hour glass shapped section makes it very comfortable to hold. While there is a step down from the barrel to the section, it is high enough on the section that it is not an issue. (Just a note on measurements, I just bought some calipers so the measurements differ from my written review and this typed review).
Bamboo Pen by Ken Cavers

The two tone, steel, 1.1 mm stub nib has been smoothed by Ken and this is super smooth! I believe it is a JOWO nib.
Bamboo Pen by Ken Cavers

The filling system is cartridge converter and with a little silicone grease this could easily be turned into an eyedropper filler. I am not sure how much ink it could hold but it looks like it can hold a sizable amount. The converter is a bit larger than what I am used to so it holds enough ink for me. Please keep in mind I like to say I have ink ADD. This is taking into account the wet flowing 1.1 mm nib.

Bamboo Pen by Ken Cavers

If you want a custom pen at a good price, don’t hesitate to contact Ken, it will definitely be worth it!

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The Fountain Pen Sith Lord.
Bamboo Pen by Ken Cavers

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Wancher Naranja Update and a Thanks!

Just an update and a thank you to Alejandro M. for asking about the number 6 nib fitment in the Wancher Naranja pen. It is an obvious homage to the Delta Dolce Vita. I also want to thank Carl for pointing out that the Bexley 802 has a #6 nib. I have the cracked ice version of the Bexley 802 but never liked how the two tone steel nib did not match the rest of the pens silver colored hardware. A few swaps and one more pen and my Bexeley has a steel nib that matches and my Naranja has a two tone B nib that works way better than the stock nib. Thank you again Carl and Alejandro! I have a 1.1 mm Goulet nib on the way!
Number 6 nib in the Wancher Naranja

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Sailor Sapporo Mini with Music Nib


This is not really a review but more of an initial impression log. Thanks to the FPN’er that lent me this pen! I am using new paper and it is blank. My text tends to be a little crooked. I am trying out something new. 🙂

UPDATE: I need to apologize. I misunderstood some details of the pen. This is a direct from the factory Music nib. It has not been modified at all. This makes the nib even more attractive to me.

Sailor Sapporo Mini 1 Sailor Sapporo Mini 2 Sailor Sapporo Mini 3 Sailor Sapporo Mini 4