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Lamy Studio Hand Written Review






EDIT: I just wanted to add an update to this review. I ended up trading this pen. It just turned out to be too heavy for my hand.

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Ken Cavers posts a nib adjustment guide.

My first semi-custom pen was made by Ken Cavers or drgoretex as he is known on the Fountain Pen Network. He is making a pen in the shape of a bamboo stalk that you need to see. Eventually I will get one. 🙂

Ken has posted a nib adjustment guide. It has every basic technique that any fountain pen user should know. I have always been an advocate of doing your own nib adjustments.  After all, who knows how you like your pens to write more than you?

Take a look at his post.

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Lihit Lab Teffa Bag – As Posted on FPN

Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag – Size A5 (10″ X 7.1″) – Black

This was posted on FPN back in December and this has been part of my EDC since. The bag has worn very well with no fraying or zipper issues. I have been very happy with its performance so far… and to the post:

I found this on (no affiliation) and took a chance.  At $14 I figured I could still use it for something else if it did not work for me.  It arrived today and I am happy to report that it fits Rhodia No. 16 pads just fine.  In fact, three pads will fit in the large zipper pocket and still leave room for other bits.  My phone fits in the front smaller pocket which is nice.  I always have trouble with it being a rather large mobile phone. A good size stack of index cards also slide into the pockets.  The pen pocket is deceivingly large. That Is a Zebra V-301 in the picture but my Jinhao X450 (14mm diameter) slides right in with no problems.  The zipper feels like good quality but it is not YKK.  I think I am going to enjoy this little bag.

Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag - Size A5 Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag - Size A5

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Sheaffer TD Statesman Review

I present to you a Classic Sheaffer pen that tends to get less use in my collection.  Not because I do not like it but because I don’t want to break it. 🙂 In the review I called it a vacuum filling pen and technically, it is. I think the proper term is pneumatic filler. The Sheaffer TD Statesman and my handwritten review.

Sheaffer TD Statesman 1 Sheaffer TD Statesman 2 Sheaffer TD Statesman 3 Sheaffer TD Statesman Sheaffer TD Statesman Sheaffer TD Statesman