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First Impressions – TWSBI Notebook


The Medium is just slightly smaller than a Large Rhodia Webbie and just slightly larger than a Moleskine Large/Piccadilly Medium notebook. I am pretty sure my Rickshaw Bagworks Moleskine Classic Folio will work with it but I have not had a chance to try it yet.

On another note, here is a picture of the backside of that writing test page:

#twsbi notebook, back of writing test page.

You can see a slight bleed mark in the top right. That is the Rotring Core with a “XS” nib. When I did the little ink blot, I did not like that I missed some spots, so I went over it a second time. That made it bleed. The Levenger Carbon F is the next one that almost bled. It has a medium nib. That is also the pen with the Private Reserve Ebony Blue. It was basically the same situation but this due to the ink. It started hard and I went over the ink blot a second time.


This is not a full review but just some quick photos and an overview of the new TWSBI notebook. I purchased the Medium size with graph paper. Initial impressions? This is good fountain pen friendly paper! There is a little bit of ghosting or echo on the backside of the page but it is very little. It will not make it so you can’t use the backside of the page. No feathering that I could detect. I can make the paper bleed if I try. Under normal writing conditions, it does resist bleeding even with wet ink/broad nibs but artists may want to proceed with caution.

I noted that Private Reserve Ebony Blue sits on the page for a LONG time. It will need to be blotted. It has been sitting over an hour now and it still looks wet. The paper is smooth but does not feel glassy smooth. Just enough tooth to feel nice.

Laying flat is a big plus! I don’t think I have any other notebook in this size/type that lays flat like this notebook. The even bigger plus is that it lays flat without any effort. I just opened it and it stayed that way. Most of the time I have to break in the notebook for it to lay flat.

The leather-like soft and flexible cover is nice. It goes well with the embossed TWSBI logo on the front and back covers. It was tastefully done, not overdone too.

The rear pocket is paper with red cloth expansion “ribs”. I just realized I really do not know the correct term for those. The ribbon bookmark matches the red cloth on the pocket.

The elastic closure seems like a compromise. It is obvious they could not make the elastic tighter or it will curl up the notebook. Make it any more loose and, well, there is really no point to having a closure.

So, in a nutshell, TWSBI listened to the fountain pen community and made a notebook that caters to it.

#TWSBI notebook back cover logo

#TWSBI front cover logo and #Esterbrook LJ

#TWSBI #notebook, how's that for laying flat?

#TWSBI notebook #fountainpen test.

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Finally, blog post images fixed

Just a short note.

construction_ahead_sign-300x199When I moved this blog over from Posterous, some things did not migrate very well. Posterous had image galleries that placed thumbnails in my posts automagically. WordPress just took the original image and posted it inline. Most of my images were 1024*768 and that caused a problem with a 640 pixel wide space here.

I think I have managed to fix everything but I might have missed something. Please, if you see something that looks off (image bigger than it should be) please let me know by commenting in that post. All images should be clickable for a larger version. Thank you!

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WA-IR-NR Fountain Pen Review (Wancher Naranja)

Wancher Naranja Fountain Pen

Today’s review pen came to me by way of eBay. Several bid attempts ended with someone else winning the bid by just a few dollars in the wee hours of the morning. The seller is in Japan, hence the early morning auction end times. The pen comes in three versions. Orange (the one I purchased), Chestnut (a dark brown swirl acrylic), and a white marble version. The orange version jumped out at me because it uses the same acrylic I have seen used in some production line Edison pens. (see Edison Collier in Persimmon Swirl)  The black and gold colored accents invoke a Delta-esque aura that cannot be mistaken.

The pen has a rather large diameter. I don’t have a way of measuring it accurately but I estimate it at about 1/2 inch or about 14 mm. Lengthwise (uncapped) it is about 5 inches (128 mm) long from the nib to the end of the barrel. The cap is not postable at all. It will slip over the end of the barrel but does not stay on securely.

The pen is cartridge converter fill with no real way to turn it into an eyedropper. There are metal threads that would be in contact with ink if you attempt the conversion.

The nib is a two tone steel nib. Out of the box, it feels a bit rough. It has a flower logo that some who buy Chinese pens will recognize. It also has the words “Iridium Point Germany” on the nib.  There is no indication of nib size but I would rate it a extra fine leaning fine nib. The feed has a #4 on it. I believe the nib is friction fit but I have not verified this yet. The cap band is an intricate design and the clip is tight but springy.

Wancher Naranja Nib

The nib will need some work. As mentioned before it is a bit rough and needs a bit of flow adjustment. You can see the bib slit is very close towards the tip which is hampering flow.

I do not like the metal thread insert. This ring has the threads for the cap and the section. This unfortunately means that metal threads screw into plastic threads of the cap. I am extra careful so as not to damage the plastic threads by accidentally cross threading them. The cap does not have an inner cap. This can dry out the nib somewhat if several days have passed of non use. (See the writing sample title for an example). If you use the pen every day, it does not dry out.

Wancher Naranja Fountain Pen

For the price I paid, the pen is a good deal ($25.00 USD). Unfrtunately, since my eBay auction win, the pen has been fetching much higher prices. I regularly see it for over $40.00 USD now. At that price, I would hold off. You can get a Lamy Al-Star in that price range. For a pen that is a fun attention getter, it is nice. If you are okay with possibly having to work on the nib or even replacing the nib alltogether, that may be a better option. An Edison two tone steel #6 nib looks like it could possibly fit. It would be a good match for this pen.

Wancher Naranja Fountain Pen

If you can get this pen for a god price, I would get it. Just be patient and hit those eBay auctions. 🙂

Thank you for reading,


The Fountain Pen Sith Lord.

Written Draft of Review:

Wancher Naranja 1

Wancher Naranja 2

Wancher Naranja 3

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Star Wars Pen Wrap

Those on my social media feeds may have already seen this but I felt it needed a post on the blog. My wife likes to sew and she came across some material that she thought I might like. After looking at a pen wrap I have, she came up with this. 🙂 After all, a Fountain Pen Sith Lord needs to store his pens in style. 😀

My wife is making something out of this fabric.
The Star Wars Pen Wrap.

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The Pen Addict Podcast: Episode 54 “The Chair at the Desk”

Great Pen Addict PodCast and we get to hear from blogger behind the desk of The Well Appointed Desk!

The Well-Appointed Desk


This week I had the honor of being a guest on the premier pen-and-paper geek podcast, The Pen Addict, hosted by Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley. They were super nice to let me come on the show and talk about all kinds of geeky pen stuff.

If you haven’t heard the show before, you can subscribe here. For the show notes, visit 70decibels. I’ll have a follow-up tomorrow of a few things I forgot to mention.

PS: The title is a joke about my email address, chair (@)

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Fabriano EcoQua Notebook Review

Ecoqua Dot Notebook 5.8X8.25 Navy

First of all, I want to thank Jose Noyola for his gift of this Fabriano notebook. We were talking on Twitter and he mentioned these notebooks. I had heard of them but never tried the paper. Next thing I knew, there was a package delivered along with some Disney treats and something else I am saving for another post. 🙂 Thank you Jose!

I love notebooks and trying new paper about as much as I like trying new fountain pens. The fact that Jose mentioned the Fabriano notebook had dotted paper intrigued me.
Fabriano 5

The other thing he mentioned was how affordable these notebooks are. There are 90 pages of 85 g/ square meter. The thing about this paper is that it is not coated like Rhodia paper. It is going to have a little more tooth to it. This makes the paper act differently. Most  A lot of fountain pen users like coated paper because it is smooth and because the coating provides a barrier that resists ink. This has both an advantage and disadvantage. The main advantage is that ink will not bleed through the page. The disadvantage is long ink dry times. It is hard to find paper that is not coated yet can stand up to the rigors of fountain pen ink.

Enter Fabriano paper. This is a paper that takes a middle ground that works with some ink pen combos and some will make it fail.

Fabriano 6

The written portion of this review was written with a Sensa Meridian fountain pen. The nib is fine but I have ground the nib a bit finer. The ink is Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku. I see no bleed with just a slight echo on the back side of the page. Some pen ink combos bleed quite a bit.

The cover is thicker paper with a cardboard backing. The pages are bound together by glue and tear out easily. The pages are glued together on the left side. On the inside back cover you find all the paper information.

Fabriano 7

Overall, this is good everyday paper that is fountain pen friendly with the right nib/ink combo. The low price, around $5 per notebook, makes it good for notes, quick lists and general use. The A5 size is good for carrying in a bag. The paper absorbs ink, so it dries fast, this is especially good for lefties.

Once again, thank you’s go out to Jose Noyola for cluing me in to this notebook! Thank you for reading.

Fabriano 8

Fabriano 1

Fabriano 2

Fabriano 3

Fabriano 4