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YAK Leather 12 Pen Case Review

Hello again! Today I have a review of the YAK leather 12 pen case. It is another Youtube video. I want to thank Pen Boutique for providing this case for review. In this review, I compare the Yak Leather case to the Wancher 13 pen case and another 12 pen case that is popular on eBay. Give the video a like if you think it deserves it. Subscribe if you want to, and thanks for reading and watching.

Youtube Video Yak Leather 12 Pen Case Review

For more information on purchasing one of these cases check out this link:

  • I was not paid for this review, nor did anyone review this post for content prior to my posting this.
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Rustico Field Leather Notebook

Rustico Leather
Rustico Leather Field Notebook Cover

Rustico Field Leather Notebook Review – The executive review aka the shortened version. Continue reading “Rustico Field Leather Notebook”

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Field Coates by RichWorks Gear

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
The Field Coates loaded Up

RichWorks Gear Field Coates This has been a review that was long overdue. I enjoy using pocket-sized notebooks for my everyday note taking and for work. These notebooks are small enough to fit just about anywhere without being obtrusive and provide enough writing space until you can get your thoughts into a more permanent form.

Continue reading “Field Coates by RichWorks Gear”

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Inktronics Reviews the Urban Wrist – iZip iPad Wallet

Urban wrist iZip
Urban Wrist iZip Wallet

Urban Wrist – iZip iPad Wallet


Urban wrist iZip
Custom Laser Engraving is Offered

I first heard of Urban Wrist on Instagram. I saw a picture of an iPad case in leather that I had initially thought was an “This Is Ground” Mod-Mini. ( Upon close inspection I quickly discovered it was not. After some questions on Instagram were answered, I placed my order. Continue reading “Inktronics Reviews the Urban Wrist – iZip iPad Wallet”

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Inktronics Reviews The Nock Co. Hightower

Inktronics Reviews The Nock Co. Hightower Notebook and Pen Case.
Inktronics Reviews The Nock Co. Hightower Notebook and Pen Case.

Nock Co. Hightower

Pen/Notebook Storage


Nock Co. is the brainchild of Jeffery Bruckwicki and Brad Dowdy. I don’t remember exactly where I heard about Nock Co., I think it was an Instagram photo that started it for me. Later, I heard Brad talk about it on the Pen Addict Podcast. At that point, I did not have a Kickstarter account, but a few minutes later, I was signed up and waiting for the announcement that the Nock Co. campaign was live. A few months later, I had my Kickstarter Edition Hightower. I have been EDC’ing it ever since. Continue reading “Inktronics Reviews The Nock Co. Hightower”

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Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder

Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder.
Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder.

Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder.

I thought I would share this as it dawned on me that I have not reviewed it and I find it very useful. I have been using the Booksling Mini pen holder and works for even my biggest pens. It fits a Quo Vadis Habana just fine and I have been using it since 2011 with no issues. The pen is cheap and not why I bought it. I don’t think I have the pen anymore nor did I ever use it. Continue reading “Everyday Innovations Booksling Mini Pen Holder”

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Ducati Leather Pen Case

Ducati Leather Luxury Pen and Eyeglass Case DU-LG-GH-OR

Ducati Leather Pen Case

While browsing fountain pens online, I ran into a leather pen case that peaked my interest. I don’t generally go for branding but this pen case happens to have Ducati branding on it. It is small so I decided it was alright. I have looked at three pen leather cases in the past and I have always had questions regarding my taste for larger diameter pens. Most cases looked like it would be a chore to remove the pen from the case. This is where the Ducati case is different. It has a removable “tray” that is easily pulled out using a small tab.

Ducati Leather Pen Case

This tray is removable because the case is supposed to double as a glasses case. For my purpose, it just makes retrieving the pens much easier. If the tray were not removable, placing my widest diameter pens in the case was not an issue as it has plenty of room. You could leave the tray out and probably fit more pens in the case but I have an odd obsession of not letting my pens touch when in storage.

Ducati Leather Pen Case
Ducati Leather Pen Case
The black leather has a nice feel to it. It has a snap button closure that feels secure. The tray itself has dividers that make it so your pens do not touch. The orange “racing stripe” makes a nice accent. It is a bit large for a pant pocket. It may work in a shirt pocket but it will definitely look awkward. I have been carrying the case in my EDC bag and placing it on my desk at work. I am used to this as I do the same with a 12 pen case I already own. Overall, the case is attractive, holds three large pens with no issues, and is made of leather. Three positive things that I look for in a pen case. The bonuses is that the pens do not touch and they are easy to retrieve from the case. This makes it an overall no brainer for me.

For a bit more money, they also come in a yellow stripe version:

Ducati Leather Luxury Pen and Eyeglass Case DU-LG-GH-YE

and a black version:

Ducati Leather Luxury Pen and Eyeglass Case DU-LG-GH-BK

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The Fountain Pen Sith Lord

Ducati Leather Pen Case
Ducati Leather Pen Case