Field Coates by RichWorks Gear

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
The Field Coates loaded Up

RichWorks Gear Field Coates This has been a review that was long overdue. I enjoy using pocket-sized notebooks for my everyday note taking and for work. These notebooks are small enough to fit just about anywhere without being obtrusive and provide enough writing space until you can get your thoughts into a more permanent form.

The notebooks are typically 3.5″x5.5″ and are made by many different manufacturers. You have probably heard of some of the brands like Field Notes, Moleskine, doanepaper, EightyPages and the like. Some people like to carry theirs in a back pocket and let the wear and tear leave its mark on the cover. While I don’t mind that, I prefer to keep my notebooks safe, clean and away from situations that might otherwise wear out the book faster than I anticipate. This is why I prefer having my pocket notebooks in a cover.

Evan Rich must think along the same lines as he has come up with a cover he has named the Field Coats.

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
Two Notebooks Fit in the Cover
The Field Coates is a cover made of 500d nylon. The construction is made so that it can weather all but the worst of situations with ease. Along the way, Evan has added some extra features that make his covers stand out. The most readily visible feature is the belly band style cover integrated into the front and back of the cover. This allows you to place pens in the cover for easy access. I have been able to place four pens in the belly band without problems. I did notice that once I placed pens on one side of the cover, it was stretched out enough that it made using the opposite side almost impossible without the cover opening. That brings me to the next feature. The cover has magnets that keep the cover closed. They are fairly strong and keep everything snug. I find it a nice change from the typical elastic bands that end up needing to be replaced. The last feature is an integrated book mark. The Field Coates can hold up to 2 pocket-sized notebooks without looking bulky. This cover has all the basics, umm covered. 🙂

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
Inside front cover has a slot to put the bookmark away

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
Only if the bookmark where a little more towards the center
I do have a couple of qualms with the cover. It would be nice if the bookmark were placed more to the center of the spine. The current bookmark is close to the front outside of the cover so when you open the book, you can accidentally pull it out of place, if you are not careful. The second is the tolerances are so tight on the cover, that it can sometimes be difficult to insert the notebook into the cover. I end up damaging the cover slightly which defeats the purpose. As long as you are careful sliding the notebook in the cover, you are okay.

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
The innards of the cover

RichWorks Gear Field Coates
A close up of the stitching
My notebooks have benefitted by not looking as ratty when I have filled them. Some people don’t mind their notebooks looking beat up but I am not one of them. The RichWorks Gear Field Coates helps me with that.


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Fountain Pen Sith Lord

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*this was purchased with my own money and RichWorks Gear had no idea I was going to review this.

6 thoughts on “Field Coates by RichWorks Gear

  1. Man, that’s looks really nice, I recently got into using the Clairefontaine 1951 A6 size but the combination of my body heat and sweat would soaks the paper and make them all wrinkles and ugly. So a cover is necessary to prevent that. I has been looking at the Etch kangaroo leather cover on the Massdrop, but a rugged nylon cover has it own appeal too. And that pocket/band would be super convenient to hold the Namisu Orion too. I’m so gonna get one.

  2. I found you via instagram! I came to check out your Palomino review and saw this gem.. I use pocket sized Moleskine cahiers for my bullet journal, one for two months at a time. They start looking pretty ravaged by the end of the first month if I’m not careful, and I’m not. I throw that book around in my bag and sit on it when it’s in my pocket. I had no idea the Field Coates cover existed. It’s exactly what I need, thank you!

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